Chapter 1101: Problem of the Dragon Tribe

Chapter 1101: Problem of the Dragon Tribe

Duan Tao could not help but feel a little embarrassed after hearing the words of that black clothed young lady in front of him. His face quickly turned stern as he said, “How can you say that.”

“Isn’t this the case? He is merely at the initial Profound Death stage. How can he possibly solve our problem?” The black clothed young lady turned her head away and said somewhat recalcitrantly.

“The Yimo problem is not something that can be solved with strength alone. Do you think that the Dragon tribe lacks strength?” Lin Dong spoke in a casual manner. Given his character, he naturally did not get upset just because a young lady was questioning him. However, his calm words caused the black clothed young lady to pause for a moment.

“Hmph, hopefully you really possess the ability to do so.”

The black clothed young lady bit her lips. Deep within her heart, she naturally hoped that Lin Dong really had the ability to resolve the problem their Dragon tribe was currently facing. However, due to certain reasons, the words that came out from her mouth remained extremely stubborn. After leaving these words, she could not be bothered to stay any longer. Hence, she turned and left.

“Haha, young brother Lin Dong, please do not fault her. This little girl really worships Lord Qing Zhi. Moreover, Lord Qing Zhi has...

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