Chapter 1100: Dragon Tribe

Chapter 1100: Dragon Tribe

The northern area of the Demon Region.

This was an endlessly vast wildlands. Numerous mountains stretched across the land like giant dragons while areas of towering ancient forests also covered it. Old hundred thousand feet tall trees stood like many small scale mountains. Their spreading leaves and branches enveloped the area within a ten thousand feet radius. A rich wilderness like aura surged across the land.

Various beast roars would resound across the land from time to time. These roars were filled with a wild, untamable and ferocious aura.

This great wilderness was known as the Dragon Region. It was one of the few areas within the Demon Region that had remained mostly unchanged since ancient times and was a land filled with all sorts of natural treasures. However, few dared to come here to seek treasures, because, it was the territory of the Dragon tribe...

As one of the four overlord tribes in the current Demonic Beast World, the Dragon tribe was at the top of pyramid. There were not many in the entire Demon Region who dared to create trouble in their territory.


The sky above the wilderness suddenly distorted as a spatial vortex was formed....

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