Chapter 110: Time for Action

Chapter 110: Time for Action

The outcome of the battle had went against many of the onlookers’ expectations. As they gazed at the sorry figure of Song Qing as it slid down the wall, the two old managers of the Thousand Gold Association were first shocked before their facial expressions quickly turned a little ugly. Moments before, they were speaking about how adequately competent Song Qing was. Never did they imagine that the duel would end this way.

“Hehe, my choice is not bad right, you two?” Xuan Su smiled. Right now, she had concealed the shock in her heart. Meanwhile, her beautiful eyes peculiarly glanced at Lin Dong. The latter’s Mental Energy seemed to be more powerful that an ordinary 1st Seal Symbol Master. If not, he would not be able to easily dispose of the  Heavenly Yuan Middle Stage Song Qing.

The two old managers released a hollow laugh and could not help but nod their heads in agreement: “These two old men admire Manager Su’s excellent judgement…”

When she saw that these two elderly men had stopped interfering, Xia Zhilan gently heaved a sigh of relief. Promptly, her gaze quickly swept across the sorry figure of Song Qing as the expression on her beautiful face suddenly changed and she hurriedly shouted out:...

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