Chapter 1099: Heading to the Dragon Tribe

Chapter 1099: Heading to the Dragon Tribe

Deep Lightning Mountain erupted in celebrations after Lin Dong’s group returned victorious. The various events that took place in the Divine Item Mountain Range caused even some of the senior experts in Deep Lightning Mountain to feel their blood boil. Who could have imagined that their Deep Lightning Mountain, which could not be considered to be at the peak of the Beast War Region, actually emerged on top? Moreover, in the end, even the three great Demon Commander did not dare to display a shred of displeasure to them.

This achievement made many from Deep Lightning Mountain feel an unconcealable pride. Clearly, it was impossible for Xu Zhong to bring them such glory while the latter was in charge. At that time, Deep Lightning Mountain still had to bow down to the Blood Dragon Hall. Although it was nothing humiliating to submit to someone stronger, no one in this world liked to be looked down upon…

Every single person in Deep Lightning Mountain knew that Deep Lightning Mountain would definitely surpass the three strongest factions in the Beast War Region, including the Blood Dragon Hall, and become the most dazzling existence in the Beast...

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