Chapter 1098 - A Problem at the Dragon Tribe

Lin Dong was bewildered, as he stared at that originally imposing face, which was now filled with great warmth. He was not the only person who reacted in this manner. Even Little Marten and the rest standing beside him were stunned. It was likely that none of them had expected that this expert from the Dragon tribe, who typically acted in a haughty fashion, would actually act like this.

“Big brother Duan… you…”

The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander’s eyes almost popped out upon seeing this. His words rolled in his mouth, but he could not bring himself to spit them out. Clearly, the scene in front of him had quite a great impact on him.

“What is it?”

The Golden Ape Demon Commander duo in the distance were also filled with shock as they exchanged glances. Shock filled their eyes, "Could it be that Lin Dong is also related to the Dragon tribe? This little fellow… Just where did he came from?!”


Lin Dong gradually recovered his senses in front of many pairs of strange looking eyes. He looked at his hand, which was being tightly grabbed by Duan Tao and coughed awkwardly. Subsequently, he pulled his hand back in a discreet manner and laughed, "What is going on? Has big brother Duan Tao heard of me?”

In reality, Lin Dong was feeling relatively shocked in his heart as well. From the...

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