Chapter 1097: Face-off

Chapter 1097: Face-off

The cry of a dragon resounded across the land. Two figures had appeared in front of the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander. Their auras condensed behind them, taking the shape of a giant coiling dragon as a mighty pressure enveloped the land.

These two figures immediately draw numerous shocked gazes. Of the rarely seen four overlord tribe members, two had actually appeared today!

Several people faced each other with their mouths slightly agape. Just what was the present situation? Was it a face-off between the Celestial Demon Marten tribe and the Dragon tribe? This appeared a little dreadful…

“Members of the Dragon tribe?”

Little Marten also frowned as he looked at the two figures who had appeared. He was somewhat surprised in his heart. It seemed that this Heaven Dragon Demon Commander did have some backing. Not only did he possess a Dragon tribe totem, he was even able to summon help from the Dragon tribe.

The coiling dragon behind the two figures gradually disappeared under the many pairs of watching eyes. Both individuals appeared to be middle-aged. Their somewhat stern face gave off a dignified aura. From the faintly discernible astonishing auras from their bodies, it was evident that they had reached the Samsara stage. Even...

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