Chapter 1096 - Dragon Tribe

A resplendent purple-black sun rose from within Little Marten’s body and the already dim world, became even darker. One could only see a purple-black sun rising in the sky.


A hundred thousand feet large giant golden mountain came crashing down with a frightening force, that could suppress a Samsara stage expert. The mountains below collapsed one after another as huge cracks spread across the entire mountain range.

This scene was as though doomsday was arriving.


The purple-black sun expanded at a terrifying speed. Within a few breaths’ time, it became hundreds of thousand feet in size. Subsequently, just like a bottomless pit, light flickered within it, as it devoured the entire golden mountain in front of countless pairs of eyes.


A mysterious sound spread across the sky. Purple-black light rose and the large golden mountain disappeared in a peculiar fashion. Although everything seemed calm on the surface, everyone could sense an annihilation like ripple suddenly being emitted from within the bright sun.

However, that ripple was rapidly weakening. Meanwhile, the golden light spots flickering within the bright sun, were disappearing a little at a time. At the same time, the energy ripples from the huge...

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