Chapter 1094: Overbearing Celestial Demon Marten

Chapter 1094: Overbearing Celestial Demon Marten

“Big brother.”

The atmosphere of the entire place stiffened for a moment after these two words escaped from the mouth of the handsome man, in a free and easy manner.

Countless experts stared at this scene in a startled fashion before they parted their lips. There was shock that they could not concealed, present in their eyes. Ever since that handsome young man showed up, he displayed pride and haughtiness that was inborn. However, no one felt upset at his overbearing actions. Instead, everyone thought that this was only natural. After all, he was from the Celestial Demon Marten tribe, one of the four renowned overlord tribes in the Demonic Beast World…

Even though they did not understand that handsome young man well, they were still able to sense the pride in his heart. His pride meant that he refused to submit to anyone in the world. In fact, even peak experts, who have stepped into the Reincarnation stage, would not be able to subdue this extremely arrogant fellow.

However… this overbearing and extremely haughty Celestial Demon Marten, who gave everyone a headache, stood in front of the young man of similar age, whose strength was even...

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