Chapter 1092: I’ll Say this Again

Chapter 1092: I’ll Say this Again


The five color torrent was like a river that cut across the sky. It was accompanied by a matchless force as it ruthlessly collided with the dragon fist that was flying towards it, causing an astonishing shock wave to spread like a tsunami.

During this head on clash, divine objects were destroyed by the frightening power from time to time. However, a larger number of divine objects quickly replaced them. The Mysterious Divine Palace possessed a relatively terrifying number of divine objects. Destroying all of them was clearly beyond the ability of a Samsara stage expert.

“Activating the Mysterious Divine Palace requires an extremely vast amount of Yuan Power. Let me see just how long an initial Profound Death stage brat like you can endure!” The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander forced back the five color torrent with a punch as his cold cry resounded across the sky.

The Mysterious Divine Palace was indeed powerful and even the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander had no choice but to admit it. The power contained within the torrent made from the gathering of countless divine objects was something that even a Samsara stage expert could not ignore. However, the Yuan Power consumption was relatively frightening. It was already extremely difficult for Lin Dong to endure until now with his initial Profound Death stage strength, hence, it was a little unrealistic for him to persevere for too long.

This point was something that the many experts observing the battleground clearly understood. Hence, even though Lin Dong had revealed an ultimate ancient divine object like the Mysterious Divine Palace right from the start, there was still no one who believed that he could truly beat the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander.

The gap between the Profound Death stage...

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