Chapter 1091: Mysterious Divine Palace

Chapter 1091: Mysterious Divine Palace

Five color lights gathered together before a miniature five color ancient hall appeared on Lin Dong’s palm. At the same time, an extremely powerful ripple was quietly being emitted, causing the Yuan Power in the sky to become extremely violent.

“Is that…”

Countless pairs of eyes were focused on that object. After which, they were stunned when they saw that miniature ancient hall. A moment later, some sharp-eyed individuals managed to uncover some clues. Immediately, shocked exclamations sounded.

“Is that the Ancient Divine Item Treasury?!”

Many pairs of eyes suddenly widened. They were stunned when they saw the ancient hall in Lin Dong’s hands. None of them could understand why the originally huge Ancient Divine Item Treasury had turned into such a state and appeared in Lin Dong’s palm.

The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander was also a little startled when he saw this scene. He suddenly frowned a moment later. Following which, there was an indescribable desire surging from deep within his eyes. “So… the Divine Item Treasury is also an Ancient Divine Item… If I guess correctly, the Divine Item Treasury should be the Mysterious Divine Palace, which is ranked tenth on the Ancient Divine Object Ranking, am I right? Only such an object possess such a frightening collection of divine objects!

“You seem...

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