Chapter 1090: Fighting the Samsara stage

Chapter 1090: Fighting the Samsara stage

Countless practitioners on Divine Item Mountain Range could faintly see the craziness gathering in Lin Dong’s eyes. All of their expressions were rather interesting. It was impossible for them to imagine just where the latter got the courage to fight back against three great Samsara stage experts…

Such resistance was undoubtedly akin to striking a stone with an egg. He had courage, but this was too reckless.

“Ha ha, what an interesting fellow.”

The Ghost Condor Demon Commander softly chuckled. His eyes were filled with interest as he stared at Lin Dong. It was likely that this was the first time he had seen someone who dared to utter such words in front of three Samsara stage super experts with the strength of the initial Profound Death stage.

“What an unyielding individual.” The Golden Ape Demon Commander also nodded. If it was not because the Divine Item Treasury was far too important, he might feel some admiration for Lin Dong’s actions.

“He has always been this arrogant.”

The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander frowned. His eyes were icy and filled with ridicule as he stared at Lin Dong, like a cat teasing a mouse. “I can only say that...

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