Chapter 1089: Last Stand

Chapter 1089: Last Stand

Divine Item Mountain Range.

The golden light circle continued to slowly revolve above the ancient palace. Waves of mysterious fluctuations swept out like floodwaters, causing the eyes of many to be filled with excitement.

At this moment, both the sky and land surrounding the ancient palace were covered with a densely packed black sea of people. Their eyes were completely focused on the golden light circle, observing everything that happened within it.

The atmosphere here had become extremely strange ever since Lin Dong entered the light circle.

Everyone was well aware of the frightening number of divine objects present in the Divine Item Treasury. If these divine objects were used to build an army, the might of this army would definitely be able to dominate the entire Beast War Region.

Of course, hardly anyone possessed such a wild ambition after countless failures over the years. However, a scene that no one had ever witnessed before had appeared today. This scene made their hearts tremble. If Lin Dong was able to exit the palace, he would definitely return with a bountiful harvest that would cause countless people’s eyes to redden with envy…

Power was king in the Beast War Region. If Lin Dong really managed to obtain such a terrifying harvest, it would...

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