Chapter 1088: Joining Forces

Chapter 1088: Joining Forces


Lightning and black vortexes came whistling down from all directions. After which, they ruthlessly smashed against the corrupted divine objects, hovering on top of the stone pillars.

Bang bang!

Yimo Qi was quite a troublesome energy to deal with, and it was extremely difficult to remove it using ordinary Yuan Power. However, the Ancestral Symbols had quite a great subduing effect on them. Hence, a deafening sharp roar resounded, when the lightning and black vortexes entwined onto the corrupted divine objects.

Wisps of white smoke continuously rose from the corrupted divine objects. The dense black Qi also began to disappear a little at a time.


At this moment, Yan had already transformed into a brilliant white light, before he charged into the sea of darkness. After which, he fought with the consciousness that was formed from the merger of many lingering Yimo. The sound from that fight was exceptionally terrifying.

Although the current Ancestral Stone had yet recover its full strength, its purification effect on the Yimo still existed. Hence, the dense Yimo aura would be rapidly defeated every time it clashed with the white light. Following which, furious roars were...

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