Chapter 1087: Ten Thousand Demon Eroding Array

Chapter 1087: Ten Thousand Demon Eroding Array

The area behind the stone door was a pitch-black world, that was devoid of light. This deep darkness looked somewhat frightening.

Lin Dong stared at the pitch-black world before he exchanged glances with Yan. Both of them frowned slightly. Clearly, they realized that there was something amiss.

“Let’s enter.” Yan softly said. He took the lead and went in first. When he saw this sight, Lin Dong promptly followed behind him. At this juncture, it was clear that they could not turn back regardless of what problems they would face.

The both of them rushed into that pitch-black world. Subsequently, they shuttled through its interior aimlessly. A faint glow was emitted from within their bodies and it expelled the somewhat cold and bitter darkness.

The both of them advanced forward. Yan’s footstep paused. He turned his eyes around and looked at this seemingly endless dark world. A cold stern expression immediately flashed across the sky.

“This method… After all these years, all of you have not changed, huh? ”

Yan’s icy cold cry spread throughout this pitch black world. A brilliant and warm...

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