Chapter 1086: Inside the Mysterious Divine Palace

Chapter 1086: Inside the Mysterious Divine Palace

Buzz buzz!

A golden band of light shot straight into the golden light circle and the end of the light band firmly grabbed that cluster of black light. The black light cluster frantically resisted like it usually did. This frightening resistance caused even faint signs of distortion to appear in the space around the light band.


The band of light was stretched taut. Anyone could feel the wild and violent tearing force that was acting upon it.

Lin Dong’s hand tightly grabbed the band of light. His expression was a little grave. Only after personally feeling it did he understand the intensity of the black light cluster’s resistance. No wonder even the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander trio had failed previously.

Many pairs of eyes were glued onto Lin Dong. They wanted to see just what could Lin Dong do to succeed where the three great Demon Commanders had failed.


Lin Dong’s body suddenly trembled under the many watching eyes, and he was even forced to take a step forward. Clearly, he was somewhat unable to endure the terrifying force.

The Heaven Dragon...

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