Chapter 1085: Each Displaying Their Own Techniques

Chapter 1085: Each Displaying Their Own Techniques

Humm humm!

A brilliant golden light circle continuously rotated. Objects wrapped in beams of light rapidly shot out one after another as if they were freebies, sparking numerous cruel and bloody battles.

Lin Dong’s gaze slowly began to withdraw from the golden light circle. There was some interest deep within his eyes. He had detected a relatively strong ripple when his Mental Energy invaded the golden light circle earlier.

“Have those three fellows also discovered it? They are indeed worthy of being Samsara stage experts.”

However, while Lin Dong withdrew his eyes, he sensed the bodies of the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander trio suddenly freeze as excitement rose on their faces. Clearly, they had also used their own methods to find certain divine objects with the most powerful ripples within the golden light circle.

“Big brother, how was it?” Little Flame by the side inquired. Divine Item Mountain Range was currently in a frenzy. That golden light circle continuously spit out treasures, causing the eyes of many to be filled with desire.

“Let’s wait and see.” Lin Dong narrowed...

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