Chapter 1075 - Tempering Mental Energy

This was an extremely large and vast hall. One’s sight turned blurry when one tried to look at the edge of its borders. The entire hall seemed to be in a state before the birth of chaos.


At this moment, two figures were dashing in this hall. In the next moment, they suddenly crossed blows with each other. A punch and a kick clashed as a powerful force erupted like a volcano.

However, upon closer inspection, one would realize that the appearance of the two figures were actually that of Lin Dong. Moreover, the strangest thing was that both of them were exactly the same. However, one appeared full of life, while the other appeared indifferent. In fact, the latter’s jet black eyes did not even hold the slightest emotion.

However, it was clear that the both of them looked similar. However, that indifferent looking ‘Lin Dong’ was clearly even stronger. Both parties exchanged sharp blows. That punch quickly broke through Lin Dong’s defences before that ferocious fist mercilessly smashed heavily on Lin Dong’s chest. A force spluttered out from it and the fist penetrated through the latter’s heart like a...

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