Chapter 1074 - Endless Divine Prison

After Little Flame obtained the other half of the essence blood inheritance, he chose to immediately go into cultivation seclusion and refine it. The management of Deep Lightning Mountain was left to Lin Dong. This gave the latter a headache. After all, he did not have Tang Xinlian’s abilities and could not manage a huge faction well. Fortunately, he was pleased to find that despite the fact that Deep Lightning Mountain was still suffering some ripple effects due to the change in ownership, there were no major problems.

Lin Dong began his own own training after he saw that Deep Lightning Mountain was stable. Although he had advanced into the initial Profound Death Stage, this cultivation level was still a little lacking, considering the strength of his opponents. Though he might be able to use many tricks to breach the gap between them when it came to a fight, regardless of how many techniques one had, one’s fundamental strength was still an extremely critical factor.

However, when it came to raising his strength, Lin Dong could only train in a slow but steady manner when it came to Yuan Power...

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