Chapter 107: Celestial Dan Pool

Chapter 107: Celestial Dan Pool

“You have already condensed a Destiny Symbol?”

In the room which had turned deathly quiet, Grandmaster Ruo’s voice rang out as disbelief surfaced on his face.

Unlocking one’s Niwan Palace was an integral step in Mental Energy cultivation while condensing a Destiny Symbol was the most important step of all. Even Grandmaster Ruo, who held high hopes for Lin Dong, had never expected that in a few short months, the latter had not only unlocked his Niwan Palace but in addition condensed a Destiny Symbol!

Even with an old man’s wealth of experience, the news still caused him to lose his calm demeanor in a flash.

Shock also bubbled up in Manager Su’s and Xia Zhilan’s eyes. Even the rather prideful Xia Zhilan now viewed him in a different light. A 1st Seal Symbol Master possessed the ability to contend against a Heavenly Yuan Stage expert, a level of strength that was worthy enough for her to re-evaluate her judgement. Furthermore…even a haughty person like her could not help but acknowledge that this Mental Energy potential was rather terrifying.

“Hehe, Master Ruo, it seems like your appraisal is extremely accurate.” Xuan Su’s bountiful bust gently swelled...

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