Chapter 1059 - Inheritance

Warm white light shot down from the light array and wrapped around the enchanting woman. Although the white light was gentle, it was clearly extremely deadly against the Yimo. White light shuttled around her body as wisps of black Qi were rapidly forced out…


Sharp miserable screeches continued to reverberate, however, Lin Dong did not sway. A thought passed through his mind and the formation rotated faster and faster.

“Ah, I am really resentful. Just a little more blood and flesh and we would have been able to rebuild our body…”

The enchanting woman let out a long and piercing howl. The howl was filled with fury and resentment. They had finally saw some hope after tens of thousands of years. However, this hope had now been completely destroyed.

“Since you are already dead… stop causing trouble. Disappear obediently from this world.”

Lin Dong’s eyes were indifferent as he completely ignored her resentful roar. A solemn expression flashed across those pitch-black eyes of his as the density of the white light pillar swiftly increased. In the end, it turned into two fingers, one thick and the other thin. Like a white light thorn, they ruthlessly shot into the forehead of the enchanting woman with a ‘swoosh’ sound,...

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