Chapter 1058 - Nine-tail Spirit Fox

“You are not a Nine-tail spirit fox!”

Lin Dong’s voice contained some graveness and vigilance as it reverberated across the square. It seemed as though the atmosphere had solidified in that moment.

Xin Qing was also stunned by Lin Dong’s words and she quickly felt her body turn cold. After which, she revealed an extremely forced smile to him, “Sir Lin Dong, what are you saying? I can sense that she has the same bloodline as our Nine-tail tribe in her body…”

Lin Dong did not reply. All he did was firmly stare at the seductive woman while black light and lightning glow began to surge deep within his eyes.

“Who are you? You are not someone from her tribe!”

The enchanting woman frowned slightly as she looked at Lin Dong. Soon after, her tone became much icier, “People of my tribe, have you forgotten the rules of our Nine-tail tribe? You actually dare to bring a human into the Ancestral Soul hall!”


Xin Qing hurriedly tried to reply, only to be stopped by Lin Dong. He smiled faintly and said, “After so many years, not a single one of your tribe members who went to this Ancestral Soul Hall have managed to return. Don’t you...

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