Chapter 1056 - Behind the Scenes


The door was gently pushed opened as a ray of moonlight reached in. A slender and beautiful figure slowly entered under the moonlight. There was a slight tremor in her clear eyes.

Her head was slightly lowered as she walked into the room with both of her tiny hands tightly clasped together. Her eyes darted around and did not dare to look at the man on the bed.

Seated on the bed, Lin Dong looked at this young lady who had walked in this manner. A long while later, he finally shook his head helplessly when he saw that the latter still showed no signs of speaking. “Xin Qing, what is it?”

Xin Qing’s teeth bit into her small lips. Her small hands which were entangled together had become a little green because of the strength she used. She seemed to be struggling in her heart.

Lin Dong silently watched her quietly without speaking to urge her.

The silence in the room lasted for a couple of minutes. Tears finally flickered within Xin Qing’s eyes as she suddenly knelt down.

“Sir Lin Dong…”

Lin Dong stared at Xin Qing and smiled. “Your mother asked you to come, am I right?”


“If I am not wrong, your mother wishes for you to...

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