Chapter 1041 - Surging Dark Clouds

A huge glowing array hovered above the mountain. In the space above the light array, the space was distorted and it seemed like a dark black spatial tunnel was vaguely being formed.

Standing below the light array, Qing Zhi and Mo Luo slowly stopped. The Chaotic Demon Sea and the Demon Region were extremely far apart. Even a Profound Death stage expert would have to fly for at least half a year in order to travel from one place to the other. Hence, a spatial teleportation array that covered such a great distance, was obviously not something that any ordinary faction could create.

However, it was obvious that Mo Luo and Qing Zhi were not in the ‘ordinary’ category. After all, one of them was a genuine Reincarnation Stage expert, while the other was the owner of an Ancestral Symbol. They were peak existences in the entire world and it was not impossible for them to build a spatial teleportation array, to teleport one across such a great distance if they combined their powers.

“Lin Dong, the array has been completed. It is time to go.” Mo Luo turned his head and looked at Lin Dong, who was walking to the top of the mountain.

Lin Dong nodded. Standing behind him, the young lady...

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