Chapter 104: Thousand Gold Auction House

Chapter 104: Thousand Gold Auction House

It was already afternoon by the time Lin Dong reached Yan City. After entering the city, he found a secluded inn to rest and in the meantime, took the opportunity to ask around about the various happenings in Yan City. After all, since he was new, Lin Dong was generally not familiar with the city.

Within a room in the inn, Lin Dong sat on the bed with his eyes tightly shut. A long time later, he slowly opened his eyes as a pale shade of white colored his face. Just before this, he had entered into the Stone Talisman Spiritual Domain and utilised the Mind Millstone to cultivate his Mental Energy.

Even though he had experienced that intense pain multiple times, it was still extremely unbearable for him.

Lin Dong removed a jade bottle from the Qiankun Bag nestled on his lap. Within the jade bottle was a pale white pill. It was refined from the Elixirs he had purchased in Qingyang Town and had a slight restorative effect on his Mental Energy. However, as he had already consumed several of them and this was his last remaining pill.

“Looks like I’ll have to go to the  “Thousand...

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