Chapter 1024 - Devil Appears


In the azure sky, a huge black crack slowly spread, just like a monster opening its large mouth. A frightening evil aura suddenly gushed out from within.

That evil aura was of the same origin as that of Hua Chen and Xu Xiu. However, its intensity was several times that of the latter…

Everyone could feel the surrounding Yuan Power raging when the evil aura spread. They could detect resistance and disgust from the raging natural Yuan Power…

This fact caused many powerful individuals to be startled. This was the first time they felt the natural Yuan Power actively repelling an object. Wasn’t it the case that the natural Yuan Power could be freely absorbed by any living creature in this world?

“What is that…”

Some eyes were filled with disbelief when they saw the unusual change occuring in the sky. Although the black demonic Qi that swept forth made them feel extremely uncomfortable, they were unable to deduce the origin of this Qi.

Lin Dong sat on the ground. His eyes were grave...

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