Chapter 1023 - Soft and Gentle


Two bodies that were covered in blood fell feebly onto the ground. Some dust rose and gradually fell, just like a sandstorm that was about to come to a stop.

The entire city was completely silent.

After a short moment of awe, many pairs of eyes turned to look at the only young man, who was still standing tall in the large pit. Grave expressions that were filled with admiration appeared in their eyes. After all, they understood the terrible price one would have to pay, in order to defeat the two individuals in front of him.

The only younger generation member in the the Chaotic Demon Sea who could accomplish this feat, was likely this abnormal fellow, Lin Dong…

“He has actually won… Truly, remarkable...”

Zhou Ze’s eyes were also somewhat lost as he looked at the back of the figure. Promptly, he released a deep sigh. At this moment, even someone as proud as him had no choice but to acknowledge Lin Dong’s strength. Only after having personally fought with Hua Chen...

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