Chapter 1022 - Breaking the Mirror


An earth shaking dragon roar reverberated in the sky. Bright green light spread as three hundred green dragon light tattoos whistled out while accompanied by a monstrous strength.

Bang bang bang!

Wherever the green light passed, mountains began to collapse at a shocking speed. Even space itself showed signs of becoming distorted.

Such power was really far too terrifying.

At this moment, many human figures miserably shot backwards from Immeasurable Mountain. Green dragon ripples were reflected in numerous eyes which contained horror that could not be concealed.

Was this attack really something that a perfect Profound Life stage expert could unleash?

“Monster…” Several people faced each other. They could only give such an evaluation towards the one who had unleashed such a frightening attack in their hearts.

“Great Sky Demon Body, Indestructible Dem...

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