Chapter 102: Wager

Chapter 102: Wager

As that thunderous and menacing roar spread across the bustling Qingyang Town, the entire town turned silent. Promptly, countless gazes were directed towards the Lin Family residence.

“The Blood Cloth Sect has finally arrived…”

“The Lin Family is really plagued with misfortune. After they handled the Lei and Xie Families, another more vicious wolf arrived…”


All around the Lin Family manor were red clothed troops. They were so numerous and tightly crowded together that not even a trickle of water could seep through. That piercingly bright red color and their menacing aura was truly a sight to behold.

At the head of the group was a man seated upon his horse. This man was fairly muscular and his skin was quite tanned. As he stood quietly, he looked akin to an iron tower. Meanwhile, a suffocating atmosphere slowly emitted from his body, anyone could tell that this man was not to be belittled.

The man was dressed in red robes and wore an ice-cold expression on his face that was not the slightest bit readable. His fiery red eyebrows caused him to look even more menacing. This man was the head of the Blood Cloth Sect, an Advanced Yuan Dan Stage expert that was fairly renowned even in Yan City, Wei Tong!

Beside Wei Tong was a rather scrawny elderly man. Judging by the faint Yuan Power undulating around his body, this man should be...

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