Chapter 1016 - Battling Two Demons

“That is… Lin Dong?”

This sudden surge of battle intent drew countless gazes from entire the city over. They were startled when they saw the skinny figure that slowly stood up, but quickly recognised him.

“What does he plan on doing? Could it be that he still wishes to fight for the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol?”

“This fellow is really overestimating himself.”

“Now is not the time to try and act mighty.”

Several people looked to each other in dismay. Although it was extremely courageous for Lin Dong to have stepped forward at this moment, both Tang Xinlian and Zhou Ze were defeated by by the Xu Xiu duo. Was there any point for Lin Dong to fight?

Besides a miserable defeat that would further strengthen the Xu Xiu duo’s ferocious reputation, how could there by any other result?

“Is Lin Dong about to take action…”

The eyes of the First Elder of the Flame Divine Hall rippled slightly as he stood above the hall while an uproar suddenly spread throughout the city. There was not much hope...

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