Chapter 1015 - Unsheathed Blade

I've changed myriads and manifestations to elephant for our Little Elephant King Zhou Ze, please let me know in the comments if I missed any ty~

Majestic and terrifying Yuan Power fluctuations swept over the sky like a torrential ocean. The entire Immeasurable Mountain trembled under the impact of this Yuan Power.

Countless pairs of eyes gravely watched the sea of flames spreading in the sky and the ten thousand feet large saint elephant. Anyone could feel just how powerful these skills of Tang Xinlian and Zhou Ze were.

“That Xu Xiu is the number one on the rookie list. It is not strange for him to force Zhou Ze to such an extent. However, who is the one fighting Tang Xinlian? He is also so powerful…”

Some puzzled voices sounded within the hearts of a number of people. This competition was really unpredictable.

Mo Luo’s eyes were calm as he watched the Immeasurable Mirror in the sky from the main hall of the Flame Divine Hall. However, the hands placed behind his back slowly clenched tightly.

As Tang Xinlian’s master,...

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