Chapter 1014 - Waiting to Strike


Bright red flames whistled through the sky like shooting stars. The spot where the flames whizzed past become searing hot and there was a figure vaguely visible within the flames.

“Fire Phoenix Red Lotus!”

A feminine cry containing an icy cold murderous intent was emitted from within the flames. The flames suddenly exploded before sharp searing hot spear figures turned into a brilliant red lotus. The red lotus spun as it flew towards the black glowing person with lightning like speed.


When that black glowing figure saw this shockingly and sharp attack, he laughed towards the sky instead. His laughter contained a pride that could not be hidden.

“Devil Demon Force, Spirit Annihilation Palm!”

Black light spread and directly transformed into a thousand feet large black light palm. Black Qi lingered over the huge palm, causing the searing hot air to gradually turn icy-cold.

Black and red light shot towards the sky before they...

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