Chapter 1013 - Pinnacle Battle

A fiery red figure held onto her Fire Phoenix Spear while she hovered in the air. Her fiery red hair swayed with the wind, while her exquisite and alluring face was filled with murderous intent.

Bang bang!

Wild and violent Yuan Power circled and rose around Tang Xinlian’s body like a rising tornado. In fact, even the surrounding air was pressured until it crackled and exploded. It was quite a startling sight.

Many pairs of eyes outside the Immeasurable Mirror were staring at this fiery red figure, who had voluntarily stepped forward. Their eyes were filled with shock. Tang Xinlian’s reputation was clearly comparable to her beauty within this Chaotic Demon Sea.

“Haha, you are indeed worthy of the title Flame Fairy. Your charisma and charm are not inferior to that of a man.” Hua Chen looked at Tang Xinlian, who was holding the long spear and staring...

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