Chapter 1012 - Fight at the Mountaintop

Fiery Flame City.

The countless tiny light mirrors fragments in the sky once again gathered together at this moment, forming a hundred thousand feet large light mirror which covered the sky.

Countless pairs of eyes within the city were gathered on the hundred thousand feet large light mirror. Mists swirled within it and the scene displayed was that of the ten figures who had reached the mountaintop.

Ten figures proudly stood at the top of each peak. Despite being masked by the Immeasurable Mirror, their powerful auras still caused the many experts in Fiery Flame City to become solemn. The ability to survive numerous eliminations and stand at the top was definitely not something that could be achieved through mere luck alone.

“Xu Xiu, Tangxinlian and Zhou Ze have all ascended a peak as expected. The top three on the rookie list do live up to their name…”

“Other than them, Teng Kui and Lin Dong on the rookie list have also managed to pass…”

“The other few are unfamiliar. It seems that there really are many...

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