Chapter 101: Arrival of the Blood Cloth Sect

Chapter 101: Arrival of the Blood Cloth Sect

Immense pain!

When Lin Dong’s body hopped into that area where two large crystal millstones interacted, a massive unstoppable force immediately enveloped his body. Due to that terrifying force, Lin Dong immediately lost control of his body. Then, he started to sense that his body was breaking apart inch by inch!

When his body broke down, an unspeakably immense pain swiftly followed!

The two giant crystal millstones continued to rotate at a slow and steady pace, as if nothing in this world could stop it.

Lin Dong’s body was completely powerless in the face of the crystal millstones. The intense pain caused his body to tightly curl up. Visible cracks could be seen all across his body as sections of his skin split apart.

While experiencing that immense pain first-hand, Lin Dong finally understood why the small marten had looked at him in a peculiar manner when it heard that he wanted to use these Mind Millstones to train his Mental Energy. It was because the pain was at such an intense level!

Lin Dong tightly gritted his teeth...

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