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Guan Qi
Xiao Nanfeng has a deeply held secret: he retains memories of his past life on Earth. Trained as a scholar and wise beyond his years, he leverages his understanding to free himself from captivity and embarks on the path of cultivation. His goal is to find his missing parents, ten years lost. Loyal allies will accompany him, and fierce enemies will deter him—but talented cultivator though he might be, Xiao Nanfeng's greatest strength has always been his mind. 
Original Blurb: Beneath the vast firmament, the brilliance of an era is but a fleeting moment, a flash of fireworks that vanishes in the blink of an eye. Look down upon the land, through countless ages, and witness the rise and fall of civilizations. Immortal sects, vast empires, sanctuary and holy ground—all are but specks of dust against the backdrop of the heavens; the glory of millennia, reduced to ashes. Yet from the depths of ruin, new sparks emerge. You and I, we strive to become towering trees that would pierce through the heavens. What lies beyond the celestial dome?
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6 months ago
Not recommended
This novel started off well and I thought I was on to a winner in the first couple of chapters, but it really quickly went downhill. Initial setting was great, with an interesting development, but all the other characters introduced since are just one dimensional.

The MC barely does anything and it's just one fortunate thing after another. Antagonists basically thwart themselves and are just nonsensical, every situation resolves itself with the MC doing one 'incredibly smart' thing. Antagonists only live to oppose the MC as that's all they do at any moment, and even though the MC never actually offended them in any way they're somehow in a blood feud.

Couple of spoilers here, but MC was forced to cultivate the worst of the worst techniques which was one of the initial novel establishing settings, but surprise, it's actually one of the best, and ever since the first few chapters he has a quick way to power up, with the novel having skipped the first few cultivation levels where it's an atrocious technique. The thing everyone views as punishment? He enjoys and does by himself 24/7 and gets OP doing so. Even watching adult films in his previous life somehow made him OP in one of the situations.

I tried to give it a fair go, I generally try to give any novel at least 50 chapters for a fair assessment, but for this one I only managed up to 44.

7 months ago
Reading off five chapters, I'd say I like it. It's the 'parents are missing or dead, and kid wants to find/help/avenge them' cliche but so far, I like how the main character is decisive, but not cold-blooded enough for my liking, leaving potential danger behind. We still don't know any details about his past life, hopefully the past life actually matter and not just 'wisdom comes with age and he's old mentally so he's wise' kinda thing. The MC is very scholarly and clearly enjoys reading and acquiring knowledges, hopefully that plot point will matter in the future chapters. There's not many chapters to help decide whether this will turn out good or not, but I'm hoping as I'm really in need of good novels to read.

For the meanwhile, here's the first positive review. Will update when more chapters come out

7 months ago
As of chapter 70, I will continue to update this review as I read.

So now that I’ve reached chapters 70. I think my 2 gripes with this novel are that for one, the side characters are a little bit too arrogant and brainless and two, the source of some issues is very cliche.

However, despite these 2 issues, I continue to read this because the writing is just great. It’s easy to read and follow. The writing is tight in that it doesn’t waste time writing too many things. The plot come and get solved quickly especially the fights. I’m not a fan of long fights and explanations, they prevent the plots from moving and I dislike it. So for this author to just finish the fights quickly without anything much is great.

In addition, despite my gripes with side characters being brainless and arrogant at times, they have their own charms. Its the writing that somehow bring out their charms. In addition, with the right pacing, their arrogance doesn’t last too long so it’s ok with me.

TLDR: great writing, slightly cliche plot devices, interesting story but still abit cliche.

I would say it’s like a solid 3/5 for reading. It’s what your would call comfort food.

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