Chapter 99: Inheritance Initiation

The next morning, at the break of dawn...

There were two players on top of the tall tower in Azeriya. They were standing in the chilly morning winds.

It was dawn, and the moon had not disappeared yet. The stars were also barely in the sky. It seemed like the weather was going to be good for the day.

“Hey, do you think that guy is reliable? He’s someone who kills without batting an eye. Didn’t you see the video from Japan? Will he really help initiate the inheritance?” Fuck I’m Handsome was complaining. He was unhappy that Subtle Nobleman had brought him over here so early.

“It’s precisely because he’s that kind of person that he has no need to cheat me. Also, even if he stands me up, I wouldn’t mind it because it’s a Rank SS inheritance! He can do it as many times as he wants to.” Subtle Nobleman wasn’t as angsty as Fuck I’m Handsome. He was very excited right now. If not for the fact that he had to do a quest today, he might not have fallen asleep the night before.

“Cheh, such people are the weirdest. He might even have forgotten about this. Seriously, my beauty sleep! If my skin deteriorates because of this, I won’t let you off.” Fuck I’m Handsome was scornful. He wasn’t just mildly concerned with his appearance. There was a very unfriendly look in his eyes as he stared at Subtle Nobleman.

“Hey, hey, narcissist, you wanted to come over on your own accord. I didn’t drag you here. How can you blame me?” Subtle Nobleman refused to accept responsibility. He was also scornful towards what Fuck I’m Handsome said, and his expression was nonchalant.

“Cheh, I just wanted to see him in person. The person who absolutely smashed those losers in Japan! What kind of idiot is he to give you such an inheritance?” Fuck I’m Handsome retorted. He was very indignant that Subtle Nobleman had received such good fortune. He was completely annoyed and wanted to give Subtle Nobleman a kick when he saw how arrogant Subtle Nobleman was in front of him.

In fact… he had already done so a few times last night...

Fuck I’m Handsome was indeed curious about seeing Blue Maple, who was very mysterious to him. His curiosity was completely piqued right now. In fact, there was something more important...

Fuck, that guy seems to be more handsome than me. I can’t stand it! Pui! No, I’m the most handsome! Fuck I’m Handsome had a lot of thoughts running through his head right now. After seeing Blue Maple’s video, and how cool Blue Maple was as he unleashed his blue fire, he was feeling very hateful in his heart. However, he restrained himself and didn’t reveal it.

There was only one thought in his mind: Fuck! I’m the most handsome!

After he was faced with such a lethal threat to his superiority, he naturally had to come over to take a look!

“I knew it. Do you really think I don’t know you? You’re definitely here because you’re unhappy that this guy is more handsome than you.” Subtle Nobleman contemptuously glanced at Fuck I’m Handsome. He knew exactly what gimmicks Fuck I’m Handsome liked to pull.

“Fuck, do you want to fight?! Say that again?!” Fuck I’m Handsome was instantly triggered, glaring at Subtle Nobleman. He was just short of pulling out a dagger to fight.

“Cheh, I’ll fight you once I complete my Class quest. It’s been a long time that I’ve wanted to beat you up.” Subtle Nobleman was very direct with his words, and revealed exactly what he was thinking. They shared a complicated love-hate relationship with each other.

“Oh? Is that so? For my own safety, should I whack you first?” Fuck I’m Handsome’s expression was hostile now. The way he was rubbing his fists definitely revealed his tendency to make a move. After all, their pain levels were only a tenth as sensitive as they were in real life. It wasn’t going to be a big issue if he smacked Subtle Nobleman a few times.

“Hah, the weather today is really good. Haha!...” Subtle Nobleman immediately recognized Fuck I’m Handsome’s intention and quickly tried to defuse the situation. He used his old trick of changing the topic and started turning his head as he looked left and right.

At this moment, someone spoke up, “Both of you are really early.”

It was Blue Maple. He spoke just like an old man. His tone of voice was quite indifferent.

A ball of blue fire appeared out of thin air right in Subtle Nobleman’s field of view, burning brightly in the darkness. It slowly expanded and Blue Maple eventually emerged from it. His eyes were also glowing blue, perhaps because he was using his Heavenly Fire.

Subtle Nobleman opened his mouth wide in shock as he stared at Blue Maple. Although he knew that Blue Maple possessed such an ability, he was still impressed by his entrance.

Subtle Nobleman was thinking, Powerful and mysterious!

On the other hand, Fuck I’m Handsome seemed so grouchy and unbecoming.

“Fuck! Is he trying to make a statement with his entrance? Fuck! Will he die if he doesn’t act cool?” Fuck I’m Handsome was cursing non-stop right now. He was very unhappy with how Blue Maple was making his entrance.

At the same time, he was very unfriendly as he glared at Blue Maple. He couldn’t take it that there was someone who was more handsome than him!

Blue Maple was puzzled for a few moments when he saw the unfriendly look in Fuck I’m Handsome’s eyes. After that, Blue Maple noticed the man’s name. Then, he pieced two and two together and immediately realized what was going on. He ignored Fuck I’m Handsome after that. He wasn’t interested in knowing why Fuck I’m Handsome was here.

“Are you ready?” Blue Maple directly asked Subtle Nobleman.

“I prepared last night. I even bought two low-tier spatial crystals for insurance. Uh… the higher quality ones are too expensive. The medium-tier ones were also beyond my budget.” Subtle Nobleman responded. After this, he seemed very awkward. The spatial crystals were indeed very expensive.

It cost 100 gold coins for a low-tier spatial crystal, 1000 for a medium-tier crystal, and as for the top-quality ones… they were 10,000 gold coins!

They had bought their own houses too, which were along a bustling street to the east of the city. Even if they were rich, they weren’t that much better than Blue Snow. This meant that they were already pretty poor. If they wanted those top-quality crystals, they would have to wait forever.

They were almost as well-equipped as Blue Maple. After all, Blue Maple was lazier. However, it would be much heavier on them financially if they wanted to repair their equipment or replace parts of it.

Furthermore, not everyone was as lucky as Blue Maple!

“No worries, we can watch the sunrise first,” Blue Maple said calmly.

“What?” Subtle Nobleman was puzzled. He didn’t know what was going on.

Blue Maple ignored him. He had planned to watch the sunrise. He didn’t expect Subtle Nobleman to arrive so early. In addition, he had just teleported using his Heavenly Fire. To be cautious, he wanted to wait for the strength of his Heavenly Fire to finish replenishing before he helped Subtle Nobleman initiate his inheritance teleportation.

As for why he didn’t conserve his Heavenly Fire in the first place… it was because… he was lazy.

Blue Maple leaned on the ledge and looked in the direction the sun was going to rise from. His leisurely disposition left Subtle Nobleman completely at a loss for what to do.

What’s going on? Are you really watching the sunrise?, Subtle Nobleman and Fuck I’m Handsome thought to themselves. They were both confused.

However, Blue Maple just silently leaned on the ledge. What are you going to do? Force me to help you?

“Forget it, let’s watch together. Anyway, we aren’t in a rush.” Subtle Nobleman could only say to Fuck I’m Handsome after seeing what Blue Maple was doing.

Fuck I’m Handsome only shot a displeased look at Blue Maple and didn’t say anything. He knew that it wasn’t time to create trouble. After all, Subtle Nobleman could only rely on buying those top-quality crystals if Blue Maple wasn’t going to help him. They cost a fortune!

Slowly, darkness subsided and the lamps on the streets were slowly extinguished. People started to stream along the streets. The first ray of light struck them from the horizon to the east. It slowly illuminated the entire city.

When sunlight started to bathe the sleeping city, the golden rays filled the air with vibrant vitality. Blue Maple watched as the blinding rays shone down on him.

He didn’t have his usual cold aura right now. Instead, an elegant and carefree vibe came from him. The gentle breeze ruffled his hair and clothes, making him seem even more enchanting and charming than usual… Fuck I’m Handsome wanted to hit him right then...

I’ve got to bear with it! This bastard is fooling around with me! Damn it, I’ll teach you a lesson once Creep is gone. I’ll show you what handsome is! Fuck I’m Handsome tried his best to restrain himself. He held his hands behind him to prevent himself from acting on his impulses. He grew even more hostile towards Blue Maple.


After a long while, Blue Maple slowly turned his vision away from the sun and towards Subtle Nobleman.

“Alright, let’s begin. Pass the mirror to me.” Blue Maple held out his hand for the Jade Meteorological Mirror.

“Alright, oh yes, I’ll give you these two crystals, too. They might be useful later.” Subtle Nobleman was still acting polite and formal now. At the same time, he passed the two crystals that he bought to Blue Maple.

“Hmm,” Blue Maple responded as he took the items.

Fuck I’m Handsome was watching patiently from one side. However, he was already boiling in his heart.

Watch out! When Creep is gone, I’ll teach you a real lesson! I must let you know who’s the most handsome! Fuck I’m Handsome thought to himself. However, he was warning Subtle Nobleman about something else. But his warning was a little...

“Hey, creep, don’t screw up a Rank SS inheritance. If you do, you’ll be a fucking loser!” Fuck I’m Handsome mocked him.

“Cheh, I’ll batter you when I return!” Subtle Nobleman was very excited now.

Blue Maple had already commenced!

Blue Maple silently recited something as he held onto the mirror. A huge amount of Heavenly Fire started to flow from Blue Maple’s body. Instantly, the fire engulfed half the tower. However, it was under his control and guided by the mirror.

Ding! Announcement: You are about to help Player Subtle Nobleman initiate an inheritance. You’ll need spatial power, which will drain 90% of the strength of your Heavenly Fire. Are you ready to continue?

Blue Maple didn’t panic. Instead, he calmly confirmed. Another system announcement was heard.

Ding! Announcement: You can use the spatial crystals to replace your Heavenly Fire. Are you going to use them? The quality of the crystals will determine how much less Heavenly Fire you’ll require.

Blue Maple immediately retrieved the spatial crystals and used them.

Ding! Announcement: You’ve used two low-tier water crystals. As they’re of better quality, they can replace two percent of the strength of your Heavenly Fire.

The two crystals were crushed after that.

Blue Maple was glad that he had waited earlier. After all, using his Heavenly Fire to its fullest wasn’t a good habit. He had to retain some of it to deal with any unexpected situations. Even in the game, Blue Maple still kept his habit of leaving himself an exit route.

Ding! Announcement: Your Class inheritance has been initiated by another player. Please proceed in front of that player and be prepared to be teleported.” This time, it was Subtle Nobleman’s announcement.

Subtle Nobleman nervously took two steps forward and stepped in front of Blue Maple.

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