Chapter 98: Fuck, I'm so Handsome

The night breeze was chillier than usual up on the tower. However, Subtle Nobleman allowed the cold winds to blow against him as he stood by the ledge. He didn’t react at all and was in a daze as he watched Blue Maple disappear. It was like he had lost all thinking function in his brain.

“He’s… given me… a Rank SS item… just like that?” Subtle Nobleman still couldn’t believe it. He didn’t understand why Blue Maple would do that, and it was even one that belonged to a Warrior.

“Don’t tell me… it’s because I brought him to smoke and drink?” Subtle Nobleman made a wild guess. He only regained some of his senses at this moment.

As Subtle Nobleman was in shock and making wild guesses, Blue Maple had already returned home, ready to sleep. After all, he was going to see the sunrise the next morning.

“Wash up and go to bed.” Blue Maple was a little fatigued as he walked out of his Heavenly Fire. After this, he yawned as he walked into the bathroom.


In a flat to the east of the city ten minutes later...


“Narcissist! I have a class inheritance!” Subtle Nobleman shouted excitedly,

“Wa! Eh… fuck!”


The sound of a mirror shattering.

Subtle Nobleman gave a violent kick to the door. There was a young and handsome man inside. He looked about the same age as Blue Maple.

If Subtle Nobleman was a sunny and handsome guy, then this young man was a tall and suave fellow.

He had just gotten out of the shower. He was looking at himself in the mirror as he wore a bathrobe. Subtle Nobleman’s sudden entrance gave him a big shock.

The young man dropped the mirror in his hand. He tried to catch it, but couldn’t stop it from hitting the floor.

“I say...” He shuddered and appeared very angry as he glared at Subtle Nobleman. He cursed before fiercely stomping towards Subtle Nobleman.

The young man wrenched Subtle Nobleman’s tie and roared,“Are you an idiot?! Don’t you know how to knock?! Ah?!”

“Calm down, calm down. It’s just a mirror. Aren’t there mirrors in the system? They can’t shatter.” Subtle Nobleman tried to wriggle his way out of the situation.

“Hmph! What do you know? Those rubbish mirrors in the system cannot reflect my beauty. Also, that goddamn mirror cost 49 gold coins! You better fucking pay me back!” Although he had already let go of Subtle Nobleman’s tie, he still sounded very mad.

“Yes yes yes, Mr. Handsome Narcissist.” Subtle Nobleman chuckled helplessly. At the same time, he took a look at the name above this young man.

[Fuck I’m Handsome]

“This name is really...” Subtle Nobleman had seen this name many times. He couldn’t believe anyone could be as narcissistic as that...

Fuck I’m Handsome glared at Subtle Nobleman and stopped pursuing the issue.

“Hey, Creep, what did you just say? I heard you mentioning something about an inheritance.” Fuck I’m Handsome rubbed his ears and asked casually. Just like how Subtle Nobleman called him narcissistic, Fuck I’m Handsome referred to Subtle Nobleman as Creep.

“Oh right, let’s talk about something serious. I obtained a Class Inheritance. Someone gave it to me. Here!” As he spoke, he passed the Meteorological Jade Mirror to Fuck I’m Handsome.

Eventually, Fuck I’m Handsome took it as compensation. He looked at himself and even posed.

“Oh, tell me what rank it is. Rank A? Or is that guy an idiot and gave you a Rank S one? If that’s the case, it’s still good, even if it’s a rubbish Rank S item!” Fuck I’m Handsome said casually as he looked at himself in the mirror. He didn’t seem to care a lot.

That wasn’t surprising, either. It was a Hidden Class inheritance gifted by someone else. How good could it possibly be? Even if it was Rank S, it was probably one of the lower-ranked ones.

All Hidden Classes Rank SSS and below were numerically ranked at the start of the game. For example, Ocean Waves’ Rank A Hidden Class had a pretty good numerical ranking, 67th among Rank A Hidden Classes.

Shining Cross’ Rank S Holy Shining Warrior was 127th among Rank S Classes.

Those with Rank A and S classes immediately knew their inheritance names after receiving them, while others only learned them at the last stage of their Class Advancement quest, which would allow them to know the specific rankings. Those were the Rank SS classes.

Blue Maple was at the last stage. Now that he had to take up a new Class, the name wasn’t revealed.

This was designed to increase fun and introduce more mystery to the game.

Nothing was revealed for Rank SSS Classes. To protect the privacy of the ten Rank SSS Classes, some of the names of the Hidden Classes in the lower ranks were also not revealed. Even if one saw the inheritors of the ten Rank SSS Classes and knew their names, they might not be able to guess the rank at all.

Deduce based on the strength of the Class? It wasn’t plausible either. To keep the game balanced, those with Rank SSS Classes would be Sealed in the earlier stages. Getting unsealed came with a price to pay.

That was why Blue Snow was so astonished when she saw Blue Maple’s Seals. She was worried that he would pay the price when she saw him breaking two Seals.

However, her worries had been were unfounded.

“This, it has no name.” Subtle Nobleman informed Fuck I’m Handsome. It was a Rank SS Class inheritance, and so the Class name wasn’t revealed yet.

“Oh? No name? This is all about luck, then. We know nothing about its ranking.” Fuck I’m Handsome was momentarily stunned. After that, he continued to look at himself in the mirror. He even styled his just-washed hair

“Yeah, it’s about luck.” Subtle Nobleman knew that Fuck I’m Handsome understood it wrongly. He thought that it was a Rank S or A Hidden Class inheritance and probably judged it to be Rank A, all just because it was a gift.

“Oh, yes, this mirror is decent. Take it as compensation for that piece of mirror that you made me break. It feels rather warm in my hands.” Fuck I’m Handsome was starting to develop a liking for the mirror. He wanted to put it in his pocket now.

“Uh, that’s not going to be possible. You should look at the attributes of this mirror,” Subtle Nobleman said awkwardly. He thought that Fuck I’m Handsome wouldn’t believe him if he mentioned it himself. Fuck I’m Handsome thought that looking at himself in the mirror was much more interesting than listening to Subtle Nobleman.

“Mirror? What attributes does this mirror have? Let me take a look...” Fuck I’m Handsome appeared very doubtful. After that, he took a look at the attributes of the mirror. “Don’t tell me it can make one look more handsome? Cheh, its name doesn’t make it seem like it can do that, Meteorological Jade Mirror...” Fuck I’m Handsome’s voice became softer and softer. His disdain soon turned into astonishment. He opened his mouth wide, but nothing could come out.

Subtle Nobleman was very calm as he looked at Fuck I’m Handsome. He covered both his ears immediately.

“Fuck fuck fuck! This...this is a goddamn Rank SS class inheritance?!” Fuck I’m Handsome screamed in shock. He was speechless as he held the mirror in front of Subtle Nobleman.

“Calm down, it’s just a Rank SS Hidden Class inheritance. What’s there to be so surprised about?” Subtle Nobleman was displeased when he saw how astonished Fuck I’m Handsome was.

“Hmph, who asked you to be so arrogant in front of me normally? Now that someone has given me a Rank SS class inheritance, let’s see how arrogant you can get.” Subtle Nobleman was extremely delighted right now.

“Fuck, tell me. Which idiot gave it to you?” Fuck I’m Handsome thought that the person who gave the mirror away was a complete idiot right now. How could he possibly give away such a class inheritance?

“Haih… I’m too handsome and I have great connections. Even while walking along the streets, someone gave me a Rank SS inheritance. How do I dare to go out again in the future?” Subtle Nobleman started to show how thick-skinned he was again. He spoke as if it was the truth.

Fuck I’m Handsome just looked at him

“Aiya, do you think someone will give me a Rank SSS inheritance when I next go out? I’m so excited. Why don’t we go out now?” Subtle Nobleman continued speaking. He was getting more and more into his role.

“You...” Fuck I’m Handsome was about to stop Subtle Nobleman, seeing that things were getting out of hand, but it was too late.

“Aiyo, I might even get to meet a beauty. What should I do if she pesters me and refuses to let me go? I’m a married man.” Subtle Nobleman started to flaunt shamelessly. Fuck I’m Handsome didn’t know who Subtle Nobleman’s wife was. Only a weird man like Blue Maple would know such a weird thing.

“Stop!” Fuck I’m Handsome felt that Subtle Nobleman would carry on until daybreak if he didn’t stop him.

“Wah, if she’s going to force me to do that thing, I’m, I’m too excited!” Subtle Nobleman’s lecherous behavior was unrivaled. He only lacked the part where he was drooling.

“Fuck! Shut the fuck up!” Fuck I’m Handsome cursed. After that, he became much more menacing.

A strong bloody aura engulfed Subtle Nobleman. It felt like he had descended into a sea of corpses and blood. It suppressed him so much that he started to feel he was suffocating.

“Uh...” Subtle Nobleman’s chain of words ceased.

Fuck I’m Handsome’s Class was the Rank SS Bloody War Reverend!

Seeing that Subtle Nobleman had stopped speaking, Fuck I’m Handsome quickly calmed down.

“Alright, tell me what’s going on.” Fuck I’m Handsome was no longer menacing as before. After he managed to get Subtle Nobleman to stop talking, he picked up the mirror and started to straighten his hair, after it had been messed up because of what happened.

“Cheh, you are just jealous,” Subtle Nobleman mumbled to himself. However, he didn’t continue being as base as he was earlier. He wasn’t Fuck I’m Handsome’s match right now, but things might be different in the future!

“What did you say?” Fuck I’m Handsome shot an unfriendly look at Subtle Nobleman. He was already very displeased with Subtle Nobleman when he mentioned he was too handsome.

As for why he only cared about that statement, it was because he was a narcissist who was only concerned about appearance!

“Hehe, I’m saying that you are very handsome.” Subtle Nobleman’s expression immediately changed. He was all smiles as he unleashed his killer move: complimenting Fuck I’m Handsome’s looks!

“Hmm, that’s right. You’ve got taste. You must be here to ask about what to take note of when it comes to Class Advancement, right?” Fuck I’m Handsome started to smile. He received the compliment without any hesitation.

Narcissists are also easy to deal with…, Subtle Nobleman thought to himself. He didn’t dare say anything out loud this time. He still had matters to settle over here.

After all, Fuck I’m Handsome was a Rank SS player who had just completed a successful Class Advancement!

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