Chapter 97: Look In the Mirror

Everyone in the bar turned in their direction. They all saw how tormented Subtle Nobleman appeared to be, and how Blue Maple had just received his pint of beer from the shocked bartender.

Everyone was filled with curiosity. Some were a little enraged, as they had been disturbed.

Blue Maple was very calm as he drank his beer. The sound of him gulping down his beer was very clear in the completely silent bar. He appeared not to notice the complete silence and continued to down his pint of beer.

Everyone ignored Subtle Nobleman and turned their attention to Blue Maple. Some of them even felt that Blue Maple was acting very arrogantly, and their frustration soon turned into anger.

“Arrogant bastard! Watch me…” an infuriated individual roared, but he was soon pulled back by his friend.

“What are you doing?! Let me go. I’m going to teach this rascal a lesson.” That angry individual wanted to break free from his friend’s grip; it seemed he was a little drunk.

“I won’t stop you if you want to die,” his friend said coldly. The look on his face appeared to be one of nonchalance.

“What do you mean?!” That drunken man sobered up a little after he heard his friend’s words. He was astonished as he looked at his buddy.

“Hmm, take a look.” His friend was evidently displeased with his drunken stupor; his tone of voice was very cold.

Those who had the same thought as that drunken man started to look at Blue Maple in a different light, if they were still sober enough or they had sober friends with them.

Those who recalled something immediately appeared very shocked. They gasped as they stepped back.

“Fuck, why is this Killing God here? Isn’t he supposed to be in Japan?!”

“Damn it, I wanted to teach him a lesson earlier. I almost courted my own demise!”

“Fuck! Why didn’t you grab hold of me earlier? Did you want me to die?”

“Die? It would be great if it was that simple. Just don’t burn down the bar.”


Blue Maple continued to ignore them and drink his beer. It had to be said that he was rather slow when drinking.

Subtle Nobleman recovered from his earlier panic and seemed very wretched as he stared at Blue Maple.

After Blue Maple finished, he slammed his glass on the bar table. It was his second time doing it, but it still didn’t fit his usually indifferent and cultured character.

Perhaps it was because of the atmosphere in the bar.

“Erm, sir, what instructions do you have for me now? I’ll do my best to complete them. I beg you not to tell my wife about everything that happened earlier.” Subtle Nobleman fully demonstrated how much of a wretched character he could be.

How afraid of his wife was he, for him to act like this?!

“Do I drink too slowly?” Blue Maple seemed to be muttering to himself, but Subtle Nobleman reacted very quickly.

“Impossible! You look so mighty when you drink. You are my role model. You gulp everything down in one go. You are quick!” Subtle Nobleman spoke so fast the words seemed to tumble out nonstop. It was like he was preaching something that was the truth.

Everyone couldn’t help but think to themselves, The fuck, how is that quick? You can drink coffee faster. Is he blind?!

However, they only thought it to themselves. They didn’t dare mention this in front of Blue Maple. If Blue Maple was angry, would he really burn down the bar?

“Why did I come back?” Blue Maple turned and asked Subtle Nobleman. Subtle Nobleman shuddered when he saw the look in Blue Maple’s eyes.

Even though there wasn’t anything special about it, Subtle Nobleman still couldn’t help but shudder.

Everyone also focused their attention and listened to him.

“Uh, you must have something to tend to, which is why you made this trip back. Or maybe you finished something elsewhere and you’re back.” Subtle Nobleman knew to watch his words. He replied with a decent answer, as if it was the difference between life and death.

His answer left everyone disappointed. They all thought to themselves, Like that? I thought it was something major.

Blue Maple glanced at Subtle Nobleman and softly said, “Is that so? It’s a little noisy over here.”

Subtle Nobleman was stunned for a moment, but he soon reacted and quickly said, “Uhh, why don’t we go somewhere else? I know a place that’s definitely quiet!”

Subtle Nobleman couldn’t wait to leave this place. He was being watched by so many people. Also, Blue Maple was here. If someone recorded a video or something and he was caught in the video, Li Lili would absolutely kill him when she found out that he was in a bar.

Just like that, both of them left the bar as everyone watched them.

More accurately speaking, everyone stood to one side. Blue Maple’s terrifying accomplishments weren’t just for show. Everyone who watched the video of him with his fire was horrified by what they had seen. Those from the Common Guild were even more frightened as they fled.


The thing that Subtle Nobleman dreaded the most eventually happened. A clickbait thread appeared on the forum once again.

It washeadlined Blue Fire Devil’s surprise appearance in Azeriya bar and tragically screaming young man!

He could only hope that his wife wouldn’t see it. But… that was unlikely.


There was a tower in Azeriya which was a good spot for watching the city. However, it was quite expensive to enter the tower. No one was here at night.

The tower used a European architectural style and was over thirty meters high. It was quite exquisite, but it seemed rather ordinary as it stood in the darkness of Azeriya, illuminated by the lights that came from everywhere.

“What do you think? Is this a good spot?” Subtle Nobleman was still afraid that Blue Maple wasn’t happy and would let Li Lili listen to the recording.

There weren’t any lights on where they were standing. However, it was still a good experience as they looked at the city’s skyline in the pitch-dark chamber.

“You really are afraid.” Blue Maple commented, looking at Subtle Nobleman.

“Uh, about that… I’m not that afraid.” Subtle Nobleman answered, scratching his head in embarrassment.

Blue Maple shot him a weird look, telling him that he didn’t believe him at all. Subtle Nobleman was even more awkward after seeing Blue Maple’s reaction.

This was a joke. Given his reaction, how could he possibly not be afraid of his wife?! If Li Lili was here, he would probably be begging for mercy!

“The timer has expired.” Blue Maple stopped mocking him. He felt that Subtle Nobleman had been subjected to enough punishment.

“You mean that the self-deletion mechanism has kicked in?” Subtle Nobleman wasn’t sure, and so asked carefully. He was so timid now that it was difficult to believe he wasn’t afraid of his wife.

“Do you have a cigarette?” Blue Maple asked in return. It seemed like he wanted to drown his sorrows by smoking. He stopped talking about the recording, as if his silence was a confirmation to Subtle Nobleman’s question.

“Uh, you aren’t deceiving me, right?” Subtle Nobleman asked, still unsure. He was frightened after being fooled by Blue Maple. If he was caught smoking, then he wouldn’t need to see Li Lili anymore. He might as well just exit the game and go to sleep.

Even though this was a game and smoking was just a feeling generated by numbers, Li Lili still forbade him from doing so. She had warned him before he entered the game.

“No,” Blue Maple answered him. He didn’t think of doing that at all.

“Really?” Subtle Nobleman was prudent as he checked again. This concerned whether he would sleep for years.


“Alright then.” As he spoke, he reached into his armor and rummaged through it for a while before he retrieved a completely creased pack of cigarettes.

How fucking afraid of his wife must he be that he had to resort to that? She’s not even here, but he stashes his cigarette pack so secretly. Even with Blue Maple’s cool character, he was still speechless at Subtle Nobleman’s actions.

“Don’t tell anyone, or I’ll die.” Subtle Nobleman still appeared to be very scared as he spoke. After that, he took out a cigarette for each of them.

Blue Maple received the cigarette from him. It wasn’t very natural as he placed the cigarette in his mouth. He wasn’t very fond of smoking, and had only smoked a couple of times.

Just as Subtle Nobleman wanted to light up his cigarette, he realized it was already lit up. He turned to Blue Maple and saw that Blue Maple’s cigarette had also been lit up. “This guy is a live fire source!” Subtle Nobleman finally remembered.

Blue Maple couldn’t just light up a cigarette; he could even light up the entire tower!

“Hoo...” Blue Maple exhaled a gust of smoke. After that, he placed his hands on the pillar and looked at the night scenery of Azeriya.

It was the same as he had seen last night. The streets were still well-lit, and there were still quite a few people walking around the city at night.

However, the night breeze was a little chilly tonight.

The night breeze ruffled his hair and coat. The burning part of his cigarette appeared unprecedentedly bright as it flickered as the wind blew. The smoke that came out also drifted in the wind before dissipating...

He smoked without any rhythm or pattern. As he watched the night scenery, he didn’t utter a word. Subtle Nobleman didn’t know what he was thinking, either.

Subtle Nobleman read the situation well and didn’t say anything. He only smoked to the side, but he was clearly unsettled. He must have been thinking about what had happened in the bar and what to say if Li Lili questioned him.

Very soon, they finished smoking a cigarette. More accurately speaking, Blue Maple’s cigarette was ‘smoked’ by the wind...

A streak of blue Heavenly Fire suddenly lit up in Blue Maple’s hand. The tip of the cigarette bud was immediately reduced to nothing. Blue Maple discovered that his Heavenly Fire was a rather good tool to dispose of rubbish.

“You should be a normal Class.” Blue Maple was very abrupt. He sounded like he was narrating, but his voice was still as soft as ever.

“Uh, yes, why?” Subtle Nobleman was stunned by the question. He didn’t know where to throw his cigarette bud, mainly because he didn’t see Blue Maple littering.

“Wa!” He suddenly exclaimed. His cigarette butt was also burning right now. He was so scared that he just flung it away.

Blue Maple left behind sparks when he lit up Subtle Nobleman’s cigarette. Once he was done, the cigarette butt would automatically combust.

“Have you looked in the mirror?” Blue Maple abruptly asked again. Subtle Nobleman didn’t know what was going on.

After that, Blue Maple passed the Meteorology Jade Mirror to Subtle Nobleman, who was very confused as he received the mirror.

“It’s so dark here. How can I look into this mirror? Furthermore, this mirror...” Subtle Nobleman’s voice became softer and softer. It eventually disappeared and his pupils shrank.

“This this this! Is this a Rank SS class inheritance?! A Warrior’s?!”

Subtle Nobleman was extremely loud again, as if he was afraid that no one could hear him.

Blue Maple was already completely covered in blue fire as Subtle Nobleman turned to look at him. It was extremely blinding in the dark tower.

“Throw it away if you don’t like to look in the mirror. I’ll be here tomorrow morning to watch the sunrise.” Blue Maple left him with his last words before he disappeared into the cold wind.

Darkness resumed once again…

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