Chapter 96: Henpecked

In the evening, darkness came even quicker because there wasn’t any sun. Lamps started to light up along the streets. Blue Maple had been wandering around for the entire afternoon.

Blue Maple was walking along a bustling street in the east of the city, but he hadn’t planned to come here. However, he had already wandered along the quieter streets. Even if he wanted to go to other, quieter streets, he had to go through this bustling street first.

When he entered the bustling street, he immediately heard commotions and couldn’t block them out, even if he wanted to.

“Come, come, let me tell you. Today, I picked up an extremely good bronze weapon. It’s Rank 35. It’s good for me!”

“Hey, fuck, impressive. Where did you get it?”

“I, uhh, it’s at…”


“This game is pretty fun. Oh yes, seems like we can join guilds in the future. I heard they are powerful.”

“Yes, this game is great. As for guilds, I’ve been accepted into a guild that was quite a big thing in the past, even though I’m just a fringe member.”

“Wow, that’s great. Tell me about it...”


“Hey! Have you heard...”


“So noisy...” Blue Maple was in the center of the street. He was a little confused as he looked around. He didn’t notice people knocking into him and continued venturing down the street.

As he walked further along, he heard NPC stall owners trying to sell their merchandise and players shouting. He had no choice but to listen to all of them. He wanted to escape, but there was no way he could.

In the game, there was no mechanism to isolate sounds...

He wanted to leave, but everywhere was noisy, no matter which direction he went. It felt like there was no end.

This was a bustling area in the city. There were all types of crowded streets. The result was the same everywhere, no matter where he went. The only way he could get out of this street was by walking along it!

“So noisy...”

He was still pacing along the street. He had already lost his direction. The blinding lights, bustling crowd, and deafening noises… he was lost in this chaotic atmosphere.

There was also the possibility of him being recognized by someone now. After all, there were several videos of him uploaded on the forum. His blue trench coat was also very attention-catching.

“So noisy...”

He quickened his footsteps. Just like before, he couldn’t wait to get out of this place.

However, this made him more eye-catching amid the crowd. He was originally walking slowly, so no one noticed him because they were all distracted by their own things or their own social groups.

But it was different now...

“Eh? Isn’t that...” Blue Maple heard an exclamation. However, he wasn’t bothered and continued to walk on his own.

“Hey, wait… that guy… oh yes. He’s the one with Blue Snow! I’m Subtle Nobleman!”

“Hmm?” Blue Maple suddenly stopped in his tracks after hearing his words. He immediately turned around.


A bar in the east of the city was unusually packed. There weren’t just guys, but also ladies in the bar.

After one entire day of training, running about, fighting over equipment and money and discussing where to eat and stay the night, they were all exhausted. They all came to the bar for a few quick drinks.

Perhaps they could even get to meet new dates in the bar, and even have their beds warmed by someone else for the night.


“What’s up? Is something bugging you? Seems like you are in a bad state.” Subtle Nobleman gave Blue Maple a pint of unknown beer. “Here, this is the best beer over here. It’s a pity if you don’t try one!” He winked and laughed heartily as he passed the pint of beer to Blue Maple.

“Thanks,” Blue Maple responded. He received the pint of beer and started gulping it down.

“Steady!” Subtle Nobleman was impressed. He felt as if he had found a soulmate. He picked up his own pint of beer and started to down it excitedly.

Subtle Nobleman was also very bored as he strolled along the streets. He stopped Blue Maple when he saw him frantically rushing away, then dragged Blue Maple to this bar.

Given Blue Maple’s situation right now, perhaps drinking a pint of beer was a good choice. It was just that he wasn’t very fond of drinking. More accurately, beer wasn’t his most favorite drink, but it seemed like it was the best choice he had right now.

It’s rather good to have a drink sometimes, Blue Maple thought to himself as he gulped down his beer.

Some beer seeped out from the side of his lips and dripped down along his neck. It slightly wet his sleeves, but Blue Maple wasn’t bothered at all.

Bang! Bang!

Two bangs were heard as two glasses were hammered onto the table. It was very common in a noisy bar like this.

“Seriously, how can you be drinking so slowly? Makes it seem like you have no mettle.” Subtle Nobleman shook his head and sighed. He felt sorry when he saw the way Blue Maple drank his beer.

Subtle Nobleman started later, but he finished his beer earlier. He was the one who made the first bang on the table.

“I’m not really a drinker,” Blue Maple replied coldly.

Indeed, getting even a little intoxicated in the chaotic region could potentially be fatal. Moreover, Blue Maple wasn’t just a simple character in the chaotic region.

Subtle Nobleman revealed an astonished expression and slapped Blue Maple’s shoulder as he said, “Ooo! Then you are rather impressive. You aren’t much of a drinker, but you are not that slow compared to me.

“Hey, don’t tell me you were dumped by that Japanese lady. Why are you in such low spirits?” Subtle Nobleman slipped his hand over Blue Maple’s shoulder after he slapped his shoulder. He appeared gossipy as he shot looks at Blue Maple.

He knew about Blue Maple’s exploits in Japan, but that wasn’t strange.

“No.” Blue Maple glanced at Subtle Nobleman before reacting coldly.

“Then why are you so down? You even came back.” Subtle Nobleman looked rather disappointed even after he said that. He felt it was a pity that he couldn’t get any gossip.

Blue Maple didn’t reply to him. He only gestured towards the passing bartender to bring them another pint of beer.

“Wait a minute!” Subtle Nobleman seemed to have thought of something. He seemed horrified as he stared at Blue Maple.

“Don’t tell me... you did it to that lady.. .wa! Impossible! Then...then you came back and don’t know who your next target is. After all, she was such a good catch. That’s why you are so frustrated!” Subtle Nobleman revealed an extraordinarily exaggerated expression. He even made a weird sound.

Blue Maple lifted his hand and wanted to say something. However, Subtle Nobleman quickly interrupted him.

“How could you do that?! How could you do that?! That, that really is-!” Subtle Nobleman revealed a pained look on his face. He held onto his head with both his hands and was acting very exaggerated.

Just as Blue Maple thought that Subtle Nobleman had misunderstood something, Subtle Nobleman blurted out, “You are my role model! Why am I still wasting my time over here! I should be asking you to teach me!” Subtle Nobleman thumped his chest in sorrow and regret as he lamented.

“I...” Blue Maple wanted to correct Subtle Nobleman, but Subtle Nobleman continued to bombard him with words.

“Oh yes, how did you manage to win over the heart of such a ravishing beauty? And how did you escape after doing the deed?” Subtle Nobleman sounded very perverted as he questioned. There was a creepy look in his eyes that made one feel uncomfortable.

“I...” Blue Maple wanted to explain himself, but Subtle Nobleman interjected once again.

“Don’t...don’t tell me! You left just like that? Without any hesitation? That’s, that’s too impressive!” Subtle Nobleman was in complete awe as he looked at Blue Maple. He made it seem like his words were the truth.

Blue Maple watched Subtle Nobleman’s series of expressions: perverted, despicable, awe, gossipy...

His first reaction was to think that Subtle Nobleman’s good looks were wasted on his character, while his second reaction was… to whack him!

“How did you do it?! Ah?! Also...” Subtle Nobleman wasn’t going to let it rest. However, Blue Maple only lowered his head and stopped listening to him.

Blue Maple’s fringe completely covered both his eyes now. There was a subtle sense that Blue Maple was starting to get angry.

“Li Lili.” Blue Maple lowered his head and muttered. His voice was very soft, and it shouldn't have been the case that Subtle Nobleman could hear him. But!...

He didn’t just hear him. He stopped talking, too. His body turned stiff and he ceased all movement.

He couldn’t help, but slightly shudder. It was like he had heard something terrifying. He started to sweat coldly.

He swallowed hard, an instinctive action performed out of fear.

“That…that… what are you… talking about?” Subtle Nobleman was extremely terrified. He stuttered as he completed his sentence. He was so noisy earlier, but he was completely silent by now.

His muscles were all twitching, and he was sweating profusely. The fear in his eyes was unprecedented.

It was all because of the name that Blue Maple had mentioned!

“She has a habit. She carries a recording button with her. In the game, the recording system is always on,.” Blue Maple suddenly said. It was a weird choice of words, but his head was still lowered.

Subtle Nobleman couldn’t see Blue Maple’s eyes. He was shivering even more now.

“No… you didn’t… just let someone… into… our conversation...” Subtle Nobleman was just like a machine as he spoke. The fear in his eyes grew even stronger.

“I think… the previous hour’s recording will be deleted after every hour is over.” Blue Maple slowly lifted his head at this point. He smirked as he looked at Subtle Nobleman.

Subtle Nobleman shuddered in fear as he saw this smirk on Blue Maple’s face. He was horrified!

Blue Maple maintained a smirk on his face and softly asked Subtle Nobleman, “What will happen if Li Lili learns?”

Li Lili was Subtle Nobleman’s wife. Though they were still young, they had still married very early.

At the same time, Wang Renwei, who was also Subtle Nobleman, suffered from a classic case of henpecked-ness!

“No!!!” Subtle Nobleman’s tragic screams rang throughout the entire bar. He even scared some of the passersby outside the bar.

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