Chapter 95: A Ray of Sunlight

Blue Maple left the library. His expression was as indifferent as ever. It was like nothing had transpired.

As he strolled along the streets, the gloomy weather kept his mood low. He was moving at a very slow pace, almost as if he had no energy.

He walked to a quiet crossroad and stopped. He appeared to have lost his way, and didn’t know where to go.


He no longer had the mood, even if there was any interesting quest.

Return home?

If his newly-bought house was his home, then maybe that was a ‘yes’.


It was his favorite place to go when he was bored, but it was impossible to go back now.

He pondered to himself as the chilly breeze ruffled his coat. It was a very melancholic scene.

“I’ll just walk around. Seems like…I’ve never explored the east of the city before,” Blue Maple mumbled to himself. After thinking it through, that was probably the best choice he could make right now.

Just like that, he wandered around like a lost soul. He made his way to the east of Azeriya and tried to avoid crowds. He wanted to get away from all the bustle and noise...

He seemed to be homeless, alone and nowhere to go. But that really was the case, wasn’t it? He looked like someone who could go anywhere, but… wasn’t it the same everywhere?

To him, the difference was only what he saw. That was the only thing…


In a dense forest outside of Azeriya, Blue Snow was seated on a huge rock along a small creek, creating ripples as she gently kicked the water. Her crystal-clear fine skin was soaked with the clear and refreshing water that flowed through the creek.

She bent her waist and supported her elbows on her legs. Her small hands were clasped under her chin and she was thinking about something.

“Should I ask Little Gangster where he bought his new house?” Blue Snow was in a dilemma, and vexed by it.

“Oh… there shouldn’t be anything wrong for me asking him. However, I don’t want him to think that I’m asking because I want to find him! Hmm, I’m, I’m just trying to make it easier for me to repay my loan!” Blue Snow turned slightly red, but she was still very sharp and tried to conjure up a logical excuse for herself.

“Uh… seems like you can directly transfer money to your friend while in a city. You don’t have to meet him physically.” She suddenly thought of that point and was immediately disappointed.

She pulled her legs and hugged her knees. Then, she buried her head in between her knees, causing her dark hair to gently droop down the side of her legs. It became wet as a result of the water.

“It would be great if Little Gangster was in the south of the city, or perhaps just close to me… ah! No! I don’t want him to live close to me. Definitely not! He’ll harbor ill intentions. Hmm, yes!”

She was hopeful as she thought to herself, but quickly dismissed her thoughts. She shook her head so hard her hair was all messed up. She eventually started to talk about him behind his back.

However, she quieted down soon after.

It’s very possible that he won’t tell me his address…, Blue Snow was disappointed as she thought to herself. Everything from her nose down was completely covered by her knees by now.


At the same time, in another forest located within Azeriya...

“Glorious Warsong, hold on. Little Lian, remember to replenish his HP. Scarlet, pause for a moment and survey the surrounding situation, in case someone fights for the Boss. Little Wen, continue what you’re doing. It’s the last wave!” Red Tea commanded her team of five, and also started to recite incantations.

For some reason, Red Tea still maintained her team at five, even though she could gather her own people to increase their efficiency.

After half a minute...

Red Tea heaved a sigh of relief after she saw that they had killed a Boss, and said to Little Wen, who was already very tempted, “Little Wen, go and take a look at the drops. Don’t you like them?”

“Wow, that’s great! I love you the most, Sister Red Tea!” Little Wen gave Red Tea a big hug before rushing to check out the dropped items.

“What about me, Little Wen?” Scarlet Heart was also eager for a hug after seeing Little Wen hug Red Tea. Both he and Little Wen were already in a relationship now.

“Hmph, I’ll consider it if you fight a Rank 45 magic-type Boss on your own.” Little Wen mentioned Blue Maple’s exploits against the Red Wolf King.

“Can I try after half a month?” Scarlet Heart had a bitter expression on his face as he responded. Thieves curbed magic-type characters, but were vulnerable against a magic-type Boss if his technique wasn’t good enough.

“Hahaha!...” Everyone chuckled when they saw Scarlet Heart’s bitter expression. It was the most harmonious of atmospheres.

Perhaps that was why Red Tea maintained her team at five.

Red Tea also laughed, but a strange look flashed across her eyes.

What are you doing now? Are you still alone? Or perhaps, are you with that girl?, Red Tea couldn’t help but think about Blue Maple. She thought about what he did in Japan just a few days ago. The girl that she was thinking about was naturally White Cherry.

However, she didn’t know that he had returned yesterday, and even completed a Hidden Class quest with Blue Snow.


White Cherry was doing just fine in Japan.

“Cherry-san...” An unclear voice was heard, or rather, White Cherry wasn’t paying attention.

“Cherry-san! Hey, Cherry-san!” someone’s voice suddenly rang in White Cherry’s ear.

“Ah! I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you calling me.” White Cherry was suddenly jolted to her senses. She quickly apologized to this new friend she had made. She was lost for a moment and didn’t hear her at all.

“Oh~hmm,” the young lady in front of her acknowledged.

“About that, Moon Spirit-san, I wasn’t thinking of it. Really.” White Cherry frantically tried to explain herself when she saw the look in Moon Spirit’s eyes. Her almond-shaped eyes were flickering as she spoke.

That’s right, this young lady beside White Cherry was Moon Spirit, the person from the Deities Union who had also appeared at the Mercenary Union in Gong Liang City and warned Blue Maple kind-heartedly.

She was now friends with White Cherry. As for how that happened, the details were unknown. They were in a team and getting ready to attack a Boss.

“Aiya, I didn’t even say that you were thinking of your blue fire crush. Aren’t you admitting to it yourself?” Moon Spirit appeared to be astonished before mocking White Cherry.

“Seriously, Moon Spirit-san. I already said that we were at most friends. There’s nothing between us,” White Cherry helplessly tried to explain herself. She couldn’t even remember how many times she had tried to explain herself already.

She forgot how many times she thought of Blue Maple, too.

“Hmm, who believes you? Cherry-san, seriously, why did you let him go so easily? If it was me, I’d hold on to him with my dear life. Hehe!” Moon Spirit appeared to be very experienced as she spoke. In fact, she didn’t even have a boyfriend herself.

However, White Cherry didn’t listen to her. She immersed herself in her thoughts once again.

Will you come back, then?, White Cherry wondered. She didn’t know if the promise she made with Blue Maple was really a promise.


Europe, Aika City...

“Hey! Ocean Waves, do you not think that Kitty is a little different from usual?” Little Tangerine whispered in Ocean Waves’ ear.

“I concur. Seems like she’s been like that since yesterday. It’s probably because of that guy,” Ocean Waves was a little worried when he replied.

Dazed Kitty had been unusually silent since yesterday. It was like she was a changed person.

“Yes, I’ve comforted her for so long but it doesn’t seem to work. I already said that we’ve died only once. It’s not a big deal. Strange.” Little Tangerine was vexed because he couldn’t think of a reason for her behavior.

That was why Ocean Waves was worried, too. He knew Dazed Kitty’s character. She should be the first to accept things, as she was usually the vibrant and positive one. It wasn’t even far-fetched to say that she was quirky.

“Perhaps things will be fine in a couple of days. Maybe it’s something else.” Ocean Waves could only explain it in that way. However, he was still very worried when he looked at her. He couldn’t accept his own explanation.

Dazed Kitty was pulling her bow now and aiming at a wild monster.

Dazed Kitty aimed an arrow at a wild monster ferociously as she thought to herself hatefully, “Bratty and unruly? You idiot, I’ll kill you soon!”

Blue Maple’s final words to her were like a barrier in her mind. They couldn’t be removed no matter what...


Back in Azeriya’s library...

“Come out.” Silent Observer was still reading her book gracefully. However, she suddenly said something to the empty library.

A respectful figure popped out from in the distance. He was like an assassin, and bowed to Silent Observer the moment he appeared.

“Miss.” It was a masked man, acting very respectfully towards Silent Observer.

“I know what you’re thinking. Do you want to know why I asked you to step aside?”

The masked man hesitated for a moment before he answered honestly,“Yes!”

He knew that Silent Observer could see through his actions and words. He couldn’t possibly hide his intentions from her.

“It’s because he would discover you if you were here,” Silent Observer smiled. She appeared to be able to see everything with her intelligent eyes.

The masked man was silent.

“Are you unconvinced?” Silent Observer closed her book before picking it up. She gracefully walked towards the masked man. He remained in his bowing position and didn’t dare utter a word.

“Let me tell you why, then,” Silent Observer was in front of the masked man by now. She stopped right next to him.

“Because...” Silent Observer was already at his ear, and maintained an appropriate distance before she whispered, “He is...” Her voice was getting softer and softer. It eventually became so soft that only the masked man could hear her. Anyone else would only be able to tell what she was saying by reading her lips.

As she finished speaking, the masked man’s pupils shrank tremendously. It was like he had heard something utterly terrifying! After that, he was stunned as he stood rooted to the ground. He didn’t move an inch at all.

Silent Observer leisurely left after she finished telling him.

“Stash the utensils and cutlery.” The masked man was like a robot as he received Silent Observer’s final instruction.

She left the library.


Blue Maple was still aimlessly wandering around the streets. He cut a bleak figure.

At this moment, a ray of warm sunlight shone in between the gloomy clouds as a small gap appeared.

However, Blue Maple might not have noticed it yet...

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