Chapter 94: Silent Observer

It was dark and everyone was slowly going to sleep. As they slept, the city also seemed to sleep…

The next day, Blue Maple randomly accepted a Rank SS quest in the morning. He was promoted to Level 41 after he successfully completed it. He could idle for some time after that. As for whether he was going to do this in the long-term, it really depended on his thinking.

He was close to Level 40 before he killed the demonized Tovilis. He was basically responsible for killing Tovilis, which was why he gained most of the XP, and was close to Level 41 following the quest.

As a result, he accepted a quest in the morning and rose to Level 41 after submitting it. However, he was obviously not in the mood to do any quest. A Rank SS quest had used up his entire morning.

He still had other things to settle today.

He first went to buy a house. However, it didn’t seem like what he was supposed to do today. It seemed more like a convenient errant that he could complete.

He couldn’t help but think of Blue Snow when he was buying his house. When they parted yesterday, they did broach the topic of buying a house.

“Little Gangster, are you buying a house too?”


“Oo, have you thought of where you want to buy your house?”


“Oh…go to the south of the city. There aren’t many stores and people there. You should go there if you want peace and quiet.”

“Okay.” Blue Maple spoke very little normally. “What about your house?” Blue Maple asked.

“Eh?! Me? I’m also in the south of the city.” Blue Snow turned slightly red. It wasn’t very clear because of the sunset.


“Are you going to the city south to get a house then?”


“Ah?! Why?” Blue Snow sounded a little disappointed, but she hid her astonishment.

“It’s certainly not going to be quiet,” Blue Maple said seriously.

“Eh?!” Blue Snow reverted to her typical dazed state. She couldn’t understand what Blue Maple was hinting at.

“Ah?! Little Gangster, so you’re talking about me. How am I not quiet? I, I’m not going to find you!” Blue Snow seemed to have been enlightened. After that, she pouted her lips and her face turned red. The sunset could no longer hide her red face...


Blue Maple helplessly shook his head as he thought about that. He eventually bought a house in the north of the city, where there were comparatively fewer people. He found the most isolated of places…

One was in the south and one was in the north. It seemed like Blue Maple and Blue Snow were living quite far from each other. Blue Maple was the one who distanced himself from her.

He got a few simple pieces of furniture and decorated his new house. In his opinion, it was just a place for him to sleep. As for other decorations, he would occasionally purchase some if he was in the mood.

He was sitting in his new house and randomly conjured a streak of fire to play with. Blue fire was burning in his dimly-lit house. The light from the fire illuminated his face.

It was afternoon right now, and a rare gloomy day in Azeriya. His house was already very dark, made worse because of the gloomy weather. The streak of fire was the only source of light.

It was clear that the furniture in the house came with the house. There was a bed, a desk and a chair. There was also a potted plant in the corner. The house was so simple that it was almost outrageous.

Blue Maple stared at the Heavenly Fire on his fingertip as it kept on changing shape. Under his long fringe, his blue eyes reflected the blue flame.

“If I’m not wrong, she should be there now,” Blue Maple suddenly muttered to himself.

His expression didn’t change, and he was still staring at the Heavenly Fire. However, the fire seemed to form something right now.

Blue Maple focused his gaze, and it seemed like he was prepared to do something.

“This world is still as boring as ever.” After he finished speaking, he stood up and left, leaving the streak of fire silently drifting in the air.

No, more accurately speaking, the Heavenly Fire had turned into a light, blue feather. It was slowly drifting in the air.

The elegant blue lights that emanated from it made the dimly-lit house appear a little melancholic. Gradually, the blue feather slowly dissipated as Blue Maple left…


Azeriya Library...

He left his new house and went to the library. He was clearly not there to read books.

The library was huge, with an area of at least a hundred hectares. There were five levels. The first four were for storing books. As for the top level, Blue Maple didn’t know what it was used for.

A library card was needed to enter the library. Blue Maple didn’t know what it was in the past. He only felt bored, which was why he didn’t mind applying for it.

Blue Maple got a library card and went to the third level. It seemed like he had a clear goal.

A very strong smell of books lingered in the air. Blue Maple didn’t stop as he passed the sections and rows of old wooden bookshelves. These ancient but simple books didn’t seem to catch his attention at all.

He finally came to a leisure spot. It was specifically set up for people to read books and have some coffee or tea. There was an extraordinarily beautiful lady sitting there now. She could be described as a young teenager.

She had a very elegant demeanor and was dressed in a plain, milky-white dress. Her long, black hair extended all the way down to the floor. Her ravishing looks accentuated her gracefulness. As she read her book with a serious gaze in her eyes, she had an intelligent feel about her.

Her crystal-clear hands were flipping through the pages, and her lotus root-like arms were moving gently. Her enchanting figure swayed along with her dress. It was like she was a charismatic, intelligent goddess. With her every movement, she exuded a refined aura.

She sat quietly where she was, a porcelain pot on the small desk in front of her. There was also a cup of coffee right before her, still letting off steam. Opposite her was a delicately placed porcelain cup and spoon. She was clearly waiting for someone.

Blue Maple’s appearance didn’t seem to catch the attention of this young lady. He naturally walked towards her and sat down opposite her. He poured himself a cup of coffee before using the spoon to stir his coffee.

However, Blue Maple furrowed his brow slightly.

At that moment, the young lady turned her attention away from the book and onto Blue Maple.

“You are here. However, the coffee has gone cold.” There was a sly look in the young lady’s eyes.

Blue Maple didn’t say anything but look at the cup of coffee in front of the lady.

“I got it from there myself. It’s free from the library. It’s very good.” The young lady lifted her cup as she spoke before taking a sip. At the same time, she gestured towards where she got the cup of coffee.

Blue Maple followed her gesture. It was too far for him.

“Hoo...” A streak of Heavenly Fire appeared on Blue Maple’s fingertip. He placed it under his porcelain cup and reheated the cup of coffee.

“You’re still as lazy as ever. But you should know that I’m unable to guess the side of the coin.” The young lady’s words were a little unpredictable and difficult to comprehend.

Blue Maple remained as silent as ever. He only stared quietly at his own cup of coffee and waited for it to be reheated. It didn’t seem like he wanted his coffee to be heated too much by his Heavenly Fire. The temperature of the fire was very low.

“You’re being monitored.” The lady had already closed her book. She entangled her hands before supporting her chin with them. After that, she stared straight at Blue Maple.

His reaction was to stir his coffee with his spoon.

“You’ve guessed it, too. But you seem relieved. I’m relieved too, then.” The young lady wasn’t displeased by Blue Maple’s reaction. She continued to observe Blue Maple.


He stirred his coffee, but appeared to make a mistake as he hit the cup with his spoon in the process of stirring.

“Hey, don’t be angry. I don’t think it’s time yet.” The lady seemed to be able to read Blue Maple’s mind. She could also tell what his actions meant.

“I was the one who controlled it.” The young lady was apologetic as she stuck out her tongue. Right now, she didn’t seem as intelligent as she was earlier. She was like a young girl who had made a mistake.

Blue Maple put down his stirring spoon before staring at the young lady, who was smiling.

“You are still as annoying as ever. Can’t you say something? You make it seem like I’m talking to myself.” The young lady was a little unhappy right now. It seemed she was starting to be annoyed by Blue Maple’s silence.

“I don’t think this is bad. You’ll only get a chance this way. Do you really want to continue like this forever?” The young lady restored her former, goddess-like image. Her smile also disappeared, though she wasn’t solemn.

“The mistake in the past is set in stone. But you should know it’s not your fault. You weren’t at fault when that big incident happened. I’ve always wanted to find you and help you explain things, though it probably wouldn’t have helped.” The young lady’s smile had vanished now. She even appeared a little desolate as she finished speaking.

Blue Maple was still as silent as ever. He only sipped on his coffee, but it was now steaming hot. He didn’t appear to be bothered at all and started sipping on it in the quiet library.

“You’ve vanished for two years, gone missing for two years. Are you really planning to flee for your entire life?” The young lady interrogated Blue Maple as he sipped on his coffee.

Ding dang! Blue Maple couldn’t control his emotions. He placed his cup down in a very ungentlemanly manner. His cup was already empty.

“Doesn’t matter!” he finally spoke. The fury in his voice could be felt as he glared at the young lady.

“I don’t want you to be like this!” The young lady was unable to control her emotions too. She wasn’t afraid as she glared back at Blue Maple. Her hands were also slammed on the table by now.

Both of them glared at each other just like that.

After a brief moment, Blue Maple slowly regained his cool and calm demeanor. He leaned back lazily on his chair, which also prompted the lady to do the same. She heaved a sigh of relief.

“Don’t bother about me,” he said. After that, he reverted to his normal self. He arranged the cup and spoon before getting up from his seat. He left without even turning back.

The young lady remained where she was as she watched Blue Maple leave in silence. There was a guilty look in her eyes.

Blue Maple walked towards a bookshelf and was prepared to leave after he turned the corner. However, he stopped suddenly. He said something, the third sentence that he spoke since he was in the library.

“Your name fits you.” Blue Maple was still as indifferent as ever, and his sentence was also as concise as it could be.

The young lady was stunned for a moment before she revealed a beautiful smile. Her beautiful eyes resembled crescents.

“Thanks for the compliment.”

After she finished speaking, Blue Maple disappeared and left her alone in her seat. She silently sat where she was, but there was a dejected look on her face.

The young lady’s name was Silent Observer...

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