Chapter 93: Cultivation

Blue Maple casually found a place to rest for the night. He had nothing to do at night, and so climbed up to the rooftop of the hotel he was staying for the night to look at the stars. He was simply too bored.

As usual, the night sky was beautiful. There weren’t any clouds around that covered the moon. Naturally, the stars were shining brightly.

Blue Maple laid down on the rooftop and leisurely enjoyed the night breeze. The night breezes seemed to be caressing his face as they blew against it. The rhythmic breathing that he let out made it seem like he was sleeping.

Suddenly, his eyelashes twitched and he slowly opened his eyes, as if he had recalled something that had just happened.

Blue Maple suddenly raised a hand. A light flashed, and an exquisite jade mirror appeared on his hand.

The jade mirror was snowy-white and emanated a gentle glow. The mirror didn’t feel cool in his hand. Rather, it felt warm.

Yes, this was the Meteorological Jade Mirror.

[Meteorological Jade Mirror] (Special Item): There’s a Rank SS inheritance contained within this mirror.

The summary was very simple. The innate abilities of the mirror were still intact, but they were probably insignificant compared to the inheritance embedded within. That was why there wasn’t any description regarding its abilities.

This mirror automatically appeared in Blue Maple’s backpack after he killed Demonized Tovilis. He didn’t have time to check it out back then.

When he told Blue Snow about it afterwards, Blue Snow was only momentarily astonished before she lost all interest. She said, “Being a Warrior feels rather stupid. I think being a Swordsman is more fun.”

She left Blue Maple alone to deal with the mirror. However, this was a Rank SS inheritance. Only 100 Rank SS inheritances were available from a total of three hundred million people. She gave up the mirror to Blue Maple with such a dismissive excuse.

Blue Maple wasn’t very interested in it, either. However, he also knew that it required some willpower on Blue Snow’s part to give up something as tempting as this mirror, even if she wasn’t that fond of Warriors.

However, Blue Maple didn’t probe. He left the mirror in his backpack. He still reckoned that Blue Snow was a complete idiot.

As for how Blue Snow was supposed to submit her quest, he wasn’t in the least bit concerned about it.

But to be fair, Blue Maple wouldn’t have taken up such a Hidden Class if he was still an ordinary Swordsman. Not to mention Rank SS, he probably wouldn’t have taken it up even if it was Rank SSS.

The reason was simple: Blue Maple wasn’t interested in being a Warrior!

“It’s only Rank SS?” Blue Maple muttered doubtfully. “What’s my rank then?” Blue Maple compared it to his Hidden Class Quest and discovered that it was only slightly less difficult.

If one were to do the quest alone, it would probably resemble Blue Maple’s quest. First, there would be many restrictions. Next, the target would be too overpowering.

I should know once I see the increase in my base rating. Blue Maple suddenly recalled what Red Tea mentioned about Hidden Classes boosting one’s base rating.

Whatever, doesn’t matter. Blue Maple pondered for a moment before deciding to forgo it. He wasn’t concerned whether his Class was strong or not. He only knew that it was focused on attack and speed, which were attributes that he valued the most.

After that, he took a detailed look at the description of the mirror.


[Meteorological Jade Mirror] (Unable to be used)

It can be given to someone who is carrying out an Advancement and whose Class is the close-combat physical-type. It would be best if they are a Warrior. If not, the Advancement Quest will be significantly more difficult. At the same time, any player with a Hidden Class that outranks this mirror cannot use this mirror to complete his Advancement!

Method of Use: Use it along with a high-rank spatial crystal, or seek the help of a player with spatial skills to activate it. The inheritor will be transported to another dimension and his Advancement Quest will be redefined. The contents of the quest will vary with the inheritor’s level.


A close-combat, physical-type class could use the mirror for Advancement. However, a Thief or Swordsman using the mirror was equivalent to Advancing to another Class. That was why it would be much more difficult.

As for this Hidden Class quest, it was completed once Demonized Tovilis was killed. However, Blue Maple couldn’t assume this Hidden Class and wouldn’t do so. That was why the Advancement Quest had to be redefined. According to the description, any level could undergo the Advancement, as the quest difficulty would be automatically adjusted to fit one’s level.

Blue Snow could have assumed the Class directly. After all, when she took up the quest, it was stated that it was best for a Warrior, but there wasn’t a strict requirement that it had to be a Warrior.

However, this was only a theoretical assumption. In truth, she couldn’t directly assume this Class. The reason was very simple: she was watching from the side when Blue Maple fought Tovilis. The system had judged that Blue Snow would have to re-complete the quest if she wanted to assume this Class.

Not only did she not just watch from one side, she was even dragging Blue Maple down… after all, he had to protect her twice!

“Such things are indeed annoying. Yet another one...” Blue Maple muttered in annoyance. After this, he stowed the mirror in his backpack. As for why he mentioned ‘yet another one’, it had to do with another matter.

After he stashed the mirror, he slowly sat up. Then he lifted his head to look at the bright, European-style streets in front of him, and started mumbling to himself.

“But I have to deal with something.” Blue Maple said, revealing a sharp gaze in his eyes. At the same time, the blue lights that emanated from his eyes seemed to have intensified a little, too.

After he finished speaking and was ready to return to his room, he suddenly heard a ringtone. Di, di, di…

He immediately furrowed his brow. Without even checking, he already knew who it was. He only had one friend: Blue Snow! However, he still answered her.

Blue Snow’s loud voice immediately hit his ears the moment he accepted the call.

“Wa ah ah ah! Little Gangster, my sword started combusting on its own. It’s your blue fire!” Blue Maple was screaming as she pointed to her burning sword. Her adorable face was a little amusing.

She turned her screen towards her sword, which was being burned. It was very strange, but everything sounded very quiet. The image on the screen also revealed how Blue Snow decorated her room.

However, Blue Maple wasn’t very bothered about this. He only asked slowly, “Did it burn you?”

“Eh? No.” Blue Snow was confused for a moment before she turned the screen back to look at Blue Maple.

“Did it burn the room?”

“I don’t think so…” Blue Snow finally calmed down, but she still appeared as dazed as ever.

“Don’t bother me, then,” Blue Maple said coldly. After that, he hung up on her once again.


“Eh?! Wait, wait a minute!” Blue Snow reacted too slowly.

Blue Snow was stunned as she watched Blue Maple’s face disappear from her screen.

“Little Gangster, you are a big baddie! You hung up on me again. You are so aloof this time, hmph!” Blue Snow starting stomping her feet after she reacted. As she pouted her lips and puffed her cheeks, she appeared more and more adorable.

“Is such a fire really fine?” Blue Snow was a little worried, muttering to herself as she watched the burning sword.

“Oo…seems like it’s as hot as a normal fire. I wonder if I can… use it for a barbecue?” Blue Snow seemed to be curious right now. Her earlier worries had long disappeared by now.

Just as Blue Snow was about to find something to test her theory out, she stopped when she heard a notification.

Ding! Announcement: Your sword has been refined by Blue Maple’s mysterious fire. Please receive it.

“Cultivate?” Blue Snow was lost for a moment. She returned to her dazed look once again. Her rollercoaster of emotions was almost suffocating.

Yes, it was the cultivation strength of Blue Maple’s Heavenly Fire. When Blue Maple retracted the Heavenly Fire that had attached to Blue Snow’s sword, he left behind a ball of thick Heavenly Fire where the hilt of the sword was.

That ball had condensed 10% of the strength of the Heavenly Fire. Blue Maple was worried that he couldn’t protect Blue Snow during the earlier fight. The ball of fire was to make sure that she was protected; if she couldn’t shield herself in the event of an attack, it would explode and turn into a real shield that would protect her. Although it wasn’t the strongest shield, it should be sufficient to keep her safe.

However, it wasn’t used in the end. Blue Maple then fused it into her sword. After absorbing the strength of the sword, Blue Maple helped Blue Snow refine the sword. There was a lot of freedom when it came to utilizing the Heavenly Fire. It didn’t just have one, rigid use.

Right now, Blue Maple needed twenty percent of the strength of his Heavenly Fire to refine a weapon. He couldn’t finish refining his protective gear in one try, as it drained a lot of strength. He stumbled upon the fact that allowing a ball of Heavenly Fire to fuse into a weapon or a protective gear and absorbing strength from the weapon was a viable way of carrying out self-refining.

After discovering that, Blue Maple used the remaining strength of his Heavenly Fire and divided it among his various weapons and gear. Then, he went to sleep and waited to reap the rewards…

Blue Snow was at a loss. She dazedly received the sword that drifted towards her. After that, she instinctively looked at its attributes. She ignored the original attributes of the sword and looked at the boosted attributes from the refinement.

Cultivated weapon: The attack strength of the weapon has been eternally increased by 15%. At the same time, it possesses 10% of the special effect: Fire Explosion.

Fire Explosion: When attacking, there’s a chance of causing instant fiery explosive damage to the enemy.

“Powerful…” Blue Snow muttered. The cultivation using Blue Maple’s Heavenly Fire lasted eternally, unlike ordinary fires. It didn’t drain the strength of his Heavenly Fire, either.

“Wa! This is impressive. I’m going to take up a Rank S quest tomorrow! Oo…shall I try a Rank SS quest and find a Boss who’s afraid of fire! Hehe!” Blue Snow cheered and started jumping up and down in her room as she started to think about taking up a quest the next day.

At the same time, her strength was revealed by her words. She had been outshone by Blue Maple earlier. In fact, she was pretty impressive herself, it was just that she had been limited by her weaponry and equipment all this while. In fact, she had once found a Hidden Class for a Swordsman, but she didn’t take it. She thought that the rank was too low. Otherwise, she would have gotten herself much better equipment.

As for that Hidden Class…it was a Rank S Swordsman Hidden Class!

“Oo…it seems like Little Gangster is no longer a big baddie. He’s more like a baddie who says one thing and does another. He only knows how to hang up on me. Hmph!” Blue Snow took back what she said about Blue Maple earlier. After this, she called him something else.

“But, when did he place the fire?” Blue Snow was confused for a moment…

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