Chapter 92: Idiot

“Oo~” Blue Snow groaned in fear. She held onto Blue Maple tightly, and kept her head close to his chest. She shut her eyes, her long eyelashes were slightly trembling. She was absolutely frightened.

Blue Maple was a little annoyed as he glanced at Blue Snow. Fortunately, she wasn’t trembling much. Otherwise, he was rather worried that he wouldn’t control his balance as they descended.

“Hey, idiot.” Blue Maple thought that it wasn’t ideal to leave Blue Snow so frightened, although he did enjoy the momentary peace and quiet.

Blue Maple knew that she would probably only come to her senses after they landed, if he didn’t take the initiative to calm her down. When it came to something like this, Blue Snow completely resembled a dazed, little girl.

“Hmm?” Blue Snow acknowledged his words before she slowly opened her eyes in confusion. She was still lost in her own thoughts, and had a dazed look on her beautiful face.

She was still so cute, even though she was in such a state. It was a pity that Blue Maple wasn’t looking at her after calling her name. Instead, he was peering into the distance and trying to locate a suitable spot to land.

Blue Snow was looking up at Blue Maple in a daze. She was at a loss as she stared at his charming face, staring at him at such a close distance.

His milky-white face and exquisite facial features were accentuated by his cool demeanor. Under the light of the sunset, Blue Snow found him strangely charming as she stared at him. The wind ruffled Blue Maple’s hair, which gave Blue Snow a clearer view of his eyes. His fringe had long been blown up, exposing his hole face.

Beneath his sharp eyebrows, his bright blue eyes that didn’t reveal any hint of anxiety. There was even deep solace buried in his eyes. His luscious black hair had turned slightly bluish-black as Blue Snow focused more and more on his eyes. The orange-red sunset glow was unable to hide anything.

Blue Snow was slightly infatuated now…

Fortunately, a cold breeze soon dragged her back to reality. It also presented a beautiful image in front of her. The reflection in her eyes soon turned orange-red from the sunset and was shining brightly.


The sky was always so beautiful at sunset. It felt so poetic and romantic at the same time. The evening clouds in the horizon embellished the sunset, and the soft sunlight interwove with the reflected rays that bounced off the mountains and rivers. This entire scene was like a painting developed from many colors, quite stunning.

Right now, they were like a blue shooting star as they glided across the sky.

The cold breeze was blowing against their clothes and hair. It felt like they were in some kind of fantasy, and Blue Snow was completely intoxicated…

“Wa! Little Gangster, you know how to fly! That’s fantastic!” Blue Snow screamed in excitement. She was no longer the dazed, little girl she was earlier. She was now a bubbly, beautiful young woman once again

It was a pity that Blue Maple was the only one looking at her now. Or rather, no one was looking at her now.

“It’s called gliding,” Blue Maple explained,having finally determined a landing spot.

“What’s the difference? Why didn’t you tell me earlier? I was almost frightened to death!” Blue Snow pouted her lips and complained. She forgot that she was still in his arms and they were very close to each other.

“Did we have time?” Blue Maple retorted. After deciding where to land, Blue Maple finally had the time to look at Blue Snow.

Their eyes met suddenly.

Their faces were only a palm away from each other. They both stiffened up.

Blue Maple was still doing fine. He only turned his head slightly. However, Blue Snow was completely red by now. The color of her face was almost like that of the sunset.

Blue Snow also quickly turned her head to one side, looking at the sky instead.

Blue Snow, what are you doing in this Little Gangster’s arms, and you are still… so intimate. Earlier… that distance was simply…simply… urgh… embarrassing!

Blue Snow was extremely conflicted now. Her head was in a mess, and her heart rate suddenly spiked. If not for the sound of the cold wind, her heartbeat would have been completely audible.

This is weird… is this my instincts? The ridiculous thought spawned in Blue Maple’s head, but there was no change in his facial expression.

For a brief moment, both of them didn’t speak. They only peered into the sky silently, but they still felt weird in their hearts.


“That, that, Little Gangster.” Blue Snow broke the silence. They had descended for some time and were no longer as high as they were earlier.

“Hmm.” Blue Maple’s reply was very concise.

“Why are you trying so hard?” Blue Snow’s head was still tilted to one side. Her hair danced with the wind. She still didn’t dare look at Blue Maple.

“Am I?” Blue Maple was still holding onto Blue Snow as he peered ahead. He didn’t look at the girl in his arms.

“That Seal that you have… it should be restricted, right? Also… you revealed so much in front of me. Was there a need to do so? You can leave anytime you want!” Blue Snow sounded a little apprehensive.

Indeed, Blue Maple could leave anytime he wanted.

“Restriction? It doesn’t matter.” Blue Maple sounded very casual. “Also, is there a problem if I revealed everything?” he asked her.

“Of course there’s a problem! It’s your Class privacy and your own privacy!” Blue Snow twisted her head and said to Blue Maple, starting to get a little agitated. She. It seemed she was concerned with issues related to privacy.

“Is that so?” Blue Maple continued to look ahead. He didn’t turn back as he replied to her. He also sounded like he was narrating, and didn’t give a precise answer.

Blue Snow was once embarrassed again as she focused her gaze on him, then shifted her eyes to curb the awkwardness.

“Why didn’t you leave then?” Blue Snow continued to probe for an answer. However, she immediately regretted asking. “Uh…about that…” She started to panic and stammered as she struggled to find an explanation.

“You are really an idiot.” Blue Maple finally turned to her and shot a condescending look at her.

Blue Maple didn’t care about anything to do with his Seals, and killing Demonized Tovilis was naturally not an issue. Therefore, he wasn’t afraid at all. Why would he need to run away, then?

“You are the idiot! How am I an idiot? You’ve been calling me that from the start. My name is Blue Snow! Blue Snow!” Blue Snow was infuriated as she screamed. At the same time, she also let go of one of her hands and started to wave it in protest.

“From the start…” Blue Maple mumbled to himself.

“Yes, you’ve been calling me an idiot right from the start. How am I an idiot? Yes, my response is a little slow sometimes. But it’s only just a little!” Blue Snow knew that she was a little slow at times, but that didn’t imply that she was an idiot. However, the more she tried to explain herself, the more it seemed like she was trying to cover up something.

Blue Maple glanced at Blue Maple before speaking. “At the Newbie Village. There’s the restaurant matter. Then you came over here. Aren’t you an idiot?” Blue Maple appeared to be expending a lot of effort in explaining. It was as if talking too much took up too much effort.

“Ah! Don’t speak of the restaurant again. Otherwise, I’ll… ugh…” Blue Snow was at a loss for what to say momentarily for no reason.

“Also, you added me as a friend. Surely it wasn’t to cause trouble for me, right?” Blue Maple continued to expose her.

“You specially came over to see me when I sparred with Crippled Feather because you thought I was going to lose, right?” Blue Maple continued speaking. That was unlike him.

“Who, who specially came over to see you? Don’t be so narcissistic.” Blue Snow couldn’t handle it any further. The redof her face completely betrayed her.

Blue Snow thought that Blue Maple was going to lose because he took so long to return. So she ran over and was ready to comfort him. But who knew that Blue Maple managed to see through that, too?

However, it was also right that she should have waited for the results to be announced before speaking to him, after the crowd had already dispersed. It shouldn’t have been when they were about to announce the results.

Indeed, her sudden appearance might have soothed some of the grievances Blue Maple would have suffered if he lost, but it would have offended everyone else, even though she was a beauty.

“Do you want me to continue?” Blue Maple didn’t want to add on too much, but Blue Snow kept arguing, so he didn’t mind carrying on.

It’s quite interesting, Blue Maple thought, justifying his continued words to himself.

“Ugh… about that, it’s only your deduction. I’m not an idiot!” Blue Snow started to throw a tantrum as she refused to admit it. To be honest, the way she was acting was pretty adorable.

“Oh? Show me your pain receptor settings, then. I want to see what your adjusted setting is.” Blue Maple instantly dropped a bomb.

When facing their first Earth-Rending Chop together, Blue Snow didn’t utter a sound, because she was prepared and managed to resist the attack. However, she screamed in extreme pain the second time. This made him aware that her pain settings must have been set very high. It couldn’t have been the default 10%!

“How, how did you know?!” Blue Snow shot an unbelieving look at Blue Maple as she covered her mouth in shock.

Blue Maple didn’t answer. He didn’t need to prove anything now. Apart from himself, not many idiots would have set such a high setting.

Blue Maple’s setting was at 100%. If he was stabbed by a sharp blade, it would hurt just like in real life.

“Ugh… that… I’m not an idiot! Also… Little Gangster, you are a big baddie!” Blue Snow helplessly defended herself. She was like a little kid who was a sore loser. She was even speaking like a kid.

“Hey, idiot,” Blue Maple suddenly muttered.

“What?” Blue Snow was no longer able to refute Blue Maple’s words.

“You are really heavy,” Blue Maple said and started to wiggle his arms a little.

Blue Maple tried to stretch his arms just as the words struck Blue Snow’s ears. She was struck by static electricity when Blue Maple’s arms moved along her body and instantly stiffened up.

“Ugh… Little Gangster, you are a baddie. I’m not done with you!” Blue Snow was flailing her arms as she shouted. She screamed and started to pound on Blue Maple.

“Stop moving. Do you want to drop?”

“I don’t care, you asshole!”

“Hey! I can’t keep my balance anymore!”

“I… ah!”


Both of them eventually landed, barely. They then used a City Teleportation Scroll to return to Azeriya.

Just before they separated…

“Hey, Little Gangster, thanks for today. I didn’t expect you to help me with the quest, even though we’ve only met a few times.” Blue Snow said awkwardly.

“I was just bored.” Blue Snow also returned to his usual, cold self.

“In any case, I have to thank you. However, I’ll definitely invite you on a real treasure hunt next time!” Blue Snow said seriously.


“I’m going then. Bye.” Blue Snow also knew that Blue Maple wasn’t very fond of talking, and so she just bade him goodbye.

“Mmm,” Blue Maple casually replied. He watched as Blue Snow disappeared…

“Met a few times? Perhaps… it’s right…”

Blue Maple stared in the direction Blue Snow had disappeared in. His coat was already ruffling from the early night breeze…

He vanished into the streets, too…

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