Chapter 91: Conclusion, Cliff-Jump

The Blue Heavenly Fire started to intensify once again. It wasn’t in a bid to absorb more energy from Heaven and Earth. Rather, the Heavenly Fire automatically spread and was ready to be condensed by Blue Maple for one final, devastating attack.

There was a cooldown period when it came to the Heavenly Fire absorbing energy for an attack. This cooldown period depended on how much of the Heavenly Fire had been used before. The cooldown wasn’t over yet.

Blue Maple slashed at Tovilis once again. Demonized Tovilis’ defense was weak and useless against Blue Maple, while any retaliation could be regarded as futile.


“It’s going to be the final blow next!” The sharp look in Blue Maple’s eyes intensified once again!

He delivered a rocking blow to Tovilis’ abdomen before slashing once more. Blue Maple was devastatingly quick right now. Even so, he couldn’t possibly perform two slashes at once.

-845, -2845!

It was his Instant Chain Strike next!

“Bastard, this move again? From behind?” Tovilis panicked when he realized Blue Maple was about to use his Instant Chain Strike.

“Wrong guess.” Blue Maple’s voice was very soft as it rang in Tovilis’ ears. It was like death was calling him.

“What?!” Tovilis’ blood-red pupils instantly shrank. He couldn’t defend against Blue Maple’s attack from the left anymore. He had instinctively turned to his right after thinking that Blue Maple was going to strike him from behind. There was no time for him to switch his position to block Blue Maple’s attack now.

A sword was slashing towards Tovilis’ throat!

Tovilis couldn’t even recall the number of times Blue Maple had gone for his neck.

Cold Light Slash!

He used the Cold Light Slash once before backing off. Tovilis had also turned his body around to defend himself, or rather, he turned around just in time to retaliate.

Blue Maple greeted him with another slash to his waist before he retreated once more and waited for Tovilis’ next attack. Blue Maple was simply too quick. Even if he slashed almost twice every second, it still didn’t achieve the impact that he was hoping to attain.

-3197, -4245, -2857!

These few strikes instantly reduced Tovilis’ HP to 60000. This was only the start.

Blue Maple didn’t change his sword to his other hand, but forcefully blocked Tovilis’ dagger. He deflected it away before striking Tovilis’ neck once again.

Clang! Whoosh!


Blue Maple was like a vicious, poisonous snake as he attacked, both swift and precise. Tovilis was unable to evade at all!

Tovilis decided to ignore Blue Maple’s attacks, as he knew he couldn’t dodge them no matter what. Blue Maple’s fighting ability was simply too terrifying. If his reaction was slow, he was sure to be hit in a vital spot. If his response was quick, he could probably prevent his neck from being targeted, but the rest of his body would still be subjected to blows.

Simply put, Blue Maple would never miss once he set his eyes on a target!

Right now, what Tovilis had to do was hit Blue Maple just once with a powerful Skill. Blue Maple would be instantly killed! Even if Blue Maple managed to raise a defense somehow, he just needed to supplement the attack with another quick strike. The combination would probably send Blue Maple to his doom!

That was only possible because Blue Maple’s defense and HP were in complete contrast to his terrifying attack prowess. They could be described as thin pieces of paper. Any slight use of force would most certainly tear them apart.

I only have one chance. If I manage to pull it off, I can get rid of this wicked human! Tovilis was gambling on this to work out. He was about to use his strongest Skill to instantly kill off Blue Maple!

Blue Maple’s sword swept across Tovilis’ body once again, while Tovilis was also slashing his dagger at Blue Maple. Blue Maple deflected it easily once again. He followed it up with another slash at Tovilis’ throat before switching his sword to his other hand.

Second Instant Chain Strike!


Second Cold Light Slash!


Blue Maple evaded Tovilis’ attack with his agile movements, then attacked using his skills again.

Sweeping Sword Slash!

-2751! -2912, -2114, -1254, -421!

He crushed a mid-tier Blue Crystal for mana!

He attacked, switched hands, and used his Sweeping Sword Slash again!

-2831! -3012, -2210, -1301, -511!

Tovilis’ HP fell by 20,000!

Blue downed the blue medicinal liquid formed from the crystal before unleashing a Skill after an ordinary attack.

Lightning Chain Strike!


He deftly changed his position and struck Tovilis again. After giving a kick to Tovilis, he switched hands and stabbed him, then used his Skill again.

-887, -2712!

Second Lightning Chain Strike!


After another round of ordinary attacks, Tovilis’ HP had dwindled to less than 30,000!

There’s another concealment-type Skill, Tovilis calculated. He didn’t calculate the position shift from Blue Maple’s Airborne Somersault. Although the Skill could be instantly used, some time was still needed for Blue Maple to bounce off a platform.

Blue Maple made his way around Tovilis and immediately gave him a Spatial Fiery Chop after slashing his waist.

Boom! -2745, -5357!

A sword aura exploded in front of Tovilis’ face, causing a great deal of damage. Spatial Fiery Chop was a Skill that relied on the Heavenly Fire. After the second layer of Blue Maple’s Seal was removed, the damage that it caused increased by fifty percent!

Tovilis’ HP were less than 20,000 now!

Blue Snow clenched her fists even more tightly as she watched from the side. Her bright-blue eyes were fixed on the two as they fought. At the same time, she was worried about Blue Maple. She knew that Blue Maple’s defense was very fragile. He couldn’t possibly handle a successful attack by Tovilis, whose attack strength was boosted after he was demonized.

Blue Maple had already disappeared before Tovilis swept away the blue flames that had impeded his vision.

Hidden Attack!

Blue Maple had temporarily vanished. Another Spatial Fiery Chop was unleashed at Tovilis from behind.

Shit! Behind! Tovilis decisively swept his dagger backward as he sensed the imminent attack from behind. Furious Slash!

Blue Maple appeared behind Tovilis. His sword was already aimed at Tovilis, while Tovilis’ Furious Slash was about to hit Blue Maple too!


The Spatial Fiery Chop successfully struck Tovilis. Unless Blue Maple decided to give up any further attacks and quickly escape using his Airborne Somersault, he wouldn’t be able to successfully defend against Tovilis’ Furious Slash!

However, he acted as if he didn’t see the attack coming towards him, and continued to approach Tovilis.

His decision left Tovilis secretly delighted. This is my opportunity!

He didn’t act earlier because Blue Maple still had Skills to use. Blue Maple had to switch hands if he wanted to use his Hidden Attack again... at least, that was what Tovilis and Blue Snow thought.

“Quickly dodge!” Blue Snow shouted anxiously. She couldn’t help herself as she charged forward. However, it was all for naught. She couldn’t possibly reach Blue Maple in time, they were too far apart. It wasn’t possible even if Blue Maple used his Airborne Somersault thrice!

This fellow is really an idiot. She clearly knows I can ignore her and walk away, so why is she still so unconcerned about her own safety? I’m only curious to learn one thing by doing this. Blue Maple instantly wondered to himself when he heard Blue Snow’s scream and saw that she was rushing over. He was not only mocking her, but also mocking himself…

That is, what’s the full potential of my Class?

Since he was already unsealed at such a stage, he was naturally interested in how powerful his Class was in this completed state.

The removal of the second layer of Deal and dual sword set up!

Sword, equipment!


A brand-new sword instantly surfaced in Blue Maple’s left hand amid the flames! The bright-blue flames illuminated the sharp sword, reflecting it as blindingly cold streaks of light!



That’s… a dual sword class?!

Tovilis and Blue Snow were both horrified at the same time. The only difference was that Tovilis was extremely afraid right now, while Blue Snow was filled with joy.

With the attack strength of his new sword and the other sword that he already had, Blue Maple had managed to resist the Skill attack of a Rank 60 Demon Boss!

Right now, Blue Maple’s attacking strength was 3978-5186!

After the first layer of his Seal was removed, Blue Maple’s strength was only at the lower limit of that range, even though it was already doubled. The boost to his strength now was incredibly high since he had two unsealed layers. Even if this new sword wasn’t the most powerful, the increment was still considered quite high!.


The intersection of the weapons caused a slight stir. Blue Maple stared coldly at Tovilis, who was already filled with fear, horror, and helplessness… there was also a hint of desperation…

Tovilis had already lost every bit of fighting will that he had.

It’s over. Blue Maple thought in his head. He mercilessly pushed back Tovilis, and the Heavenly Fire around started to rage.


The weapons weaved and clanged for the last time.

It was the last five percent of his Heavenly Fire, and Blue Maple had no intention of retracting it.

The fire instantly gathered around Blue Maple’s two swords. The swords crossed, signifying the imminent Spatial Fiery Chop about to be unleashed. There wasn’t a strict cooldown period associated with the Spatial Fiery Chop. It could be used as long as there was sufficient Heavenly Fire!

“Hahaha…hahaha!!!” Tovilis seemed to have gone crazy. He started laughing softly before turning manic.

“Kill me! Both of you have to die, even if you kill me! I’m going to blow myself apart! Both of you have nowhere to run! The cliff is hundreds of meters high outside! Hahaha, both of you have to die! Both of you have to die!” Tovilis started screaming.

“Little Gangster…” Blue Snow appeared very anxious after hearing Tovilis’ words.

However, Blue Maple ignored Tovilis and immediately struck with his swords.

Hoo! Two intersecting Spatial Fiery Chop arcs were unleashed towards the desperate Tovilis!

“Hahaha! Both of you! Must die!”

Boom!!! The terrifying Spatial Fiery Chops drowned out Tovilis’ final, manic laughter. The fire also completely obscured his body.

However, a tragic scream soon rang out!

“Ah!!!” Tovilis burst out of the blue fire as flames engulfed his body. He charged towards Blue Maple. It didn’t seem like he had any consciousness, it was like he was a corpse.

Blue Maple didn’t say a single word and immediately rushed towards Blue Snow.

“Go!” He dragged her as they charged straight towards the exit!

“Eh?! Wait a minute, that’s… wa!!!” Blue Snow was dragged out of the cave before she could even finish speaking. Blue Maple lifted her onto the attention-catching rock…

And jumped!

Tovilis also jumped!


Tovilis was about to blow apart!

Three Airborne Somersaults were instantly unleashed!

Om om om!

“Waaaa!!!” Blue Snow was so frightened that she started screaming and tightly hugged onto Blue Maple. She was already pale and had no energy or time to think about the awkwardness of the situation!


Tovilis blew apart not far from both of them. Blue Maple turned back and caught a glimpse of Tovilis’ smirk. It was a final smile of relief…

“Louisa, I’m coming…” were the final words of Tovilis as he momentarily regained a sliver of consciousness.

Blue Maple’s Heavenly Fire bloomed like a flower as it extended out behind him! The magnificent blue fire instantly formed ten-meter long wings!

Hoo! Blue Maple’s wings started to flutter.

It instantly felt like they were no longer falling!

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