Chapter 90: Reversal


A pressure that wasn’t weaker than Demonized Tovilis’ aura suddenly erupted from Blue Maple’s body as the blue chains that were wrapped around him appeared once more. It was another of his Seal’s layers!

The blue shadow bound by chains made from Heavenly Fire appeared even more manic, like the shadow itself was raging fire. The blue flame on his body also appeared unnaturally restless, like it could incinerate everything around it in the moment it was unsealed.


Cracks suddenly appeared on one of the links in the chain made from Heavenly Fire; it was about to crumble!

Crack, crack, crack…

Cracks continued spiderwebbing through the links. This time, the chains of Heavenly Fire weren’t drawn back into the nether. Instead, they started breaking apart!

Kacha, kacha…


All the chains of Heavenly Fire crumbled in an instant! They disappeared into miniscule pieces and dissipated as specks of light in Blue Maple’s immediate vicinity.

The blue fire on Blue Maple’s body seemed to lose control as blue fire erupted into the air and dispersed all the specks of light around it with a roar. Searing heat waves swept over the entire area.

The heatwaves pushed Blue Snow some distance away. Blue Snow wasn’t injured, but she was stunned speechless and rooted to the ground as she watched blue fire engulf Blue Maple.

The magnificent blue flames seemed like they could burn right through a person’s soul. Blue Snow’s watery, sparkling eyes glowed with dark blue hues as the raging flames burning through the air shone upon them.

“Little Gangster…”

Blue Snow had nothing else to say, her words were swallowed by this magnificent sea of blue fire…

Ding! Announcement: Demonized Tovilis has recovered his formidable pressure and suppression. All players’ attributes are decreased by 30%! (You are immune.)


[Demonized Tovilis] (Rank 60 Demon Boss)

Attack: 2188-2670

Defense: 1078-1274

Magic Defense: 730-931

HP: 78,974

Skills: Furious Slash, Total Annihilation, Charge, Warcry, Earth-Rending Chop, Imperious Fighting Spirit (Simplified).

Introduction: Miserable life, tragic ending. A pity that a hero who resisted the Demon race, who loved his lover with all his heart, ended up like this. The only thing that he looks forward to is his liberation. (Be careful, Demonized Tovilis has gained consciousness!)


Ding! Announcement: You have removed your seal’s second layer. Your Strength has been increased by 50%, your Agility has been increased by 30%, while your efficiency when using Heavenly Fire has increased by 50%!


[Blue Maple] (Level 39 Sword Hermit)

Attack: 2857-3696 (+50%) Luck: 1

Defense: 421-565 Prestige: 1530

Magic Defense: 152-198 Glory: 0

Strength: 1186 Evil: 0

Agility: 294 Survival: 50

Endurance: 89 Hunger: 71%

Magic: 41

Toughness: 71

HP: 2168

MP: 424

State: The seal on the Class’ attribute bonus has been removed. Your overall attack value has increased by 50%, all non-infused equipment have their movement speed bonuses increased by 30%. This will last for 24 minutes!


The second layer had been removed and his Strength and Agility values were greatly boosted, while the first layer was resealed at the same time!

Blue Snow couldn’t see the complete introduction to Blue Maple’s state because the system was hiding it.

Blue Maple’s Strength was exceptionally high; increasing his Strength by fifty percent was more powerful than simply increasing his attack damage by the same amount, even if the boost to his attack damage was before the overall calculation. During the overall calculation, Blue Maple’s Strength boost to his attack damage would be calculated before all other boosts were included.

Blue Maple’s movement speed increased by around twenty because his Agility value had increased. Agility also affected Blue Maple’s ability to evade and dodge attacks. The system would still make its calculation even though Blue Maple didn’t need this boost. Therefore, the effects of Blue Maple’s Agility boost wasn’t as conspicuous as his Strength boost, even though the absolute amount was still relatively high.

Furthermore, Blue Maple’s Agility wasn’t as high as his Strength value in the first place.

This wasn’t even Blue Maple’s strongest state, but this state was strong enough for him to instantly kill any normal player. However, all these would be his innate attributes if not for the accident with the Nine Heavens Mysterious Ice. Blue Maple’s unsealed attributes were absolutely overpowered, even though this was all a result of his efforts!

Blue Maple was lucky to meet the old man. That would offset Blue Maple’s attributes, which he had attained through his own effort.

Blue Maple was lucky and obtained a chance at a Hidden Class, so he still had to follow the rules and remained Sealed, even though he could open the Seal any time he wanted…

“Who are you inheriting from? How can you be so powerful? Not that long has passed since your second Class Advancement!” Demonized Tovilis was also shocked after Blue Maple opened the second layer of his Seal, as Blue Maple’s current aura seemed to supersede his own!

“You’re just a piece of demonized trash. Do you think you’re powerful?” Blue Maple replied mockingly. He meant to say that a monster that was born from a demonized human was a piece of trash in the first place.

The soaring blue flames filling the air around Blue Maple and his frightening aura made him seem so intimidating when he spoke, even though his expression was still as cold as ever.


“So formidable, so handsome… oh, that must be a mistake. His attributes are too strong, and have confused me. Yes, that must be!” Blue Snow muttered under her breath, sounding a little infatuated, and attempted to shake those thoughts that she considered frightening from her head.

“Bastard! You’re just a weak and puny human, and you dare to be so outrageous? Watch me chop you into pieces!” Demonized Tovilis recovered and immediately charged at Blue Maple.


Blue Maple was tough, and also charged forward to meet Demonized Tovilis’ attack head-on!

Tch, tch, tch!…

Their weapons clashed together furiously once more as sparks flew in all directions!

However, this outcome was different from before, because Blue Maple was holding his sword with both hands. He held back Demonized Tovilis’ blade and pushed it back at him!

“How can this be?” Demonized Tovilis’ face was overcome with shock and fear, and his sinister face no longer seemed so arrogant and unbridled.

“Heh!” Blue Maple unleashed a surge of strength as he forced Demonized Tovilis back.

Demonized Tovilis stabilized himself after stumbling a few steps backwards. He couldn’t mask the fear and surprise gradually taking over his face.

“Little Gangster, how high is your Strength value?!” Blue Snow was equally shocked. She was very familiar with many aspects of the game, and she knew that Blue Maple needed an exceptionally high Strength value to push away a Rank 60 Demonized Warrior Boss if he was only a Level 39 player.

“Bastard! I don’t believe your Defense is that high!” The surprised Demonized Tovilis backed into a corner as he raised his blade and prepared to unleash the Earth-Rending Chop.

Blue Maple didn’t plan to interrupt Demonized Tovilis, because he knew that Demonized Tovilis would still unleash the Earth-Rending Chop even if he was forced to take a few hits from Blue Maple in the process. Blue Maple could take that opportunity to sneak behind Demonized Tovilis to attack him, but…

Blue Maple still chose to go back and protect Blue Snow. Blue Maple wasn’t conserving his Heavenly Fire for his amusement, after all, and she had called him here to help her. He couldn’t just let her die.

Blue Maple carried Blue Snow away again like before. Blue Snow blushed this time, but said nothing, and Blue Maple only saw what she looked like because he had time to pay attention to other things. However, he said nothing as he carried Blue Snow with his hand around her waist calmly and prepared to channel Heavenly Fire to protect them both.

“Go...and...die!” Demonized Tovilis howled furiously as he unleashed the Earth-Rending Chop.


The same outcome happened, and the half-destroyed ground suffered even more destruction.

Heavenly Fire, condense!

Blue Maple knew that his efficiency using Heavenly Fire had increased by fifty, but he was careful and only chose to use thirty percent of his Heavenly Fire to defend them. They jumped simultaneously without any accidents as Blue Maple condensed a protective shield beneath them.


The shockwaves crashed against Blue Maple’s shield of Heavenly Fire, but his shield didn’t shatter as the remaining flames dispersed in all directions, covering the destroyed and tattered ground.

Blue flames spread out beneath them and lifted them up. They didn’t crash into the ceiling this time, and defending themselves perfectly against the shockwaves.

Blue Maple looked down from above at Demonized Tovilis, who was huffing and puffing after using the powerful Skill. Blue Maple’s calm, casual, and formidable condition was in stark contrast to Demonized Tovilis’!

Blue Snow could feel everything very deeply beside Blue Maple. She didn’t know how to describe her emotions anymore. They were clearly in a dire situation, and she was prepared to be abandoned, while she decided to protect Blue Maple so that he could escape.

However, Blue Maple’s sudden outburst and formidable state had turned everything around. Was she excited? Was she happy? Was she shocked? She seemed to be feeling a little bit of everything, and even more complicated emotions. Somebody she thought was going to abandon her was protecting her, and she had to feel a little awkward, no matter what happened. That was her perspective, at least.

Blue Snow stared at Blue Maple with a complicated look in her eyes. She had no words at this moment, no matter how lively or energetic she was.

Blue Maple didn’t instruct Blue Snow to do anything, and was minding his own business as he launched his own attack against Demonized Tovilis. Was he going to walk slowly to his enemy like an incredibly powerful individual? Blue Maple wouldn’t do something so frivolous. At least, he considered such actions frivolous!

Blue Maple immediately jumped forward and Demonized Tovilis had no choice but to hurriedly defend himself. Tovilis’ foe had negated his formidable Skill without taking a single point of damage; anybody in that position would feel exasperated. Furthermore, Blue Maple had decisively launched his own assault immediately after defending himself successfully. That wasn’t logic normal people would use!

However, Tovilis’ attempts to defend himself were futile. Blue Maple wasn’t concerned about Strength, and cared about his movement instead. Blue Maple’s fighting prowess would be on full and perfect display if he could recover his usual state. Blue Maple’s movement speed was increased once more, so how could he let Demonized Tovilis parry his attacks, even if Demonized Tovilis’ consciousness had returned?



Blue Maple’s attack still struck Demonized Tovilis’ body as he perfectly evaded Demonized Tovilis’ attempt to use his blade to defend himself.

Demonized Tovilis’ Defense was still higher than before; Blue Maple’s high damage with this hit was a result of Fiery Explosion.

“Bastard!” Demonized Tovilis swung his blade and attempted to retaliate. However, Blue Maple dodged Tovilis’ attack with a flash, and his blade struck nothing.

Blue Maple didn’t care about Demonized Tovilis’ attempt to retaliate at all!

My damage is about the same as before. He has 70,000 hit points left? I’ll just finish him off. A sharp look flashed across Blue Maple’s eyes when he saw the damage he had dealt, and he immediately gave Demonized Tovilis a death sentence.

Blue Maple used a combination of his Skills, along with a burst of his Heavenly Fire to finish off Demonized Tovilis!

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