Chapter 87: Attack Dispelled, Counter

“Just stand to one side.” Blue Maple mistook Blue Snow’s intentions. He thought that Blue Snow didn’t want to be shielded.

“Oh, but, that...” Blue Snow also knew that Blue Maple had mistaken her intentions, and she was at a loss about what to do. Blue Snow felt the strength of his hand on her waist, which turned her face even redder.

Blue Maple thought that she was listening to him after hearing her response. He didn’t say anything else and was ready to gather a huge amount of Heavenly Fire to form a Heavenly Fire shield that was thick enough. After all, it wasn’t a Skill, but a manipulation of his Heavenly Fire. A lot of energy and strength would be used up!

It was like Blue Maple being able to inflict incredible damage if he attacked with a lot of Heavenly Fire at once. Comparatively speaking, it would be a complete waste if he formed Spatial Fiery Chop after Spatial Fiery Chop and used them one by one.

As for the issue of forbidden physical contact between men and women, one would likely have to consider Blue Maple’s unconventional sense of thinking. However, was that really a critical problem now that their lives were in danger?

Even though they were in a game, Blue Maple’s thinking was influenced by his real-life experience. In addition, Blue Snow was knocked into Blue Maple’s arms when the Samurai Warlord used his Earth-Rending Chop and she tried to block the attack. She didn’t say anything then, and so Blue Maple automatically ignored the issue.

Add in the fact that Blue Maple’s attention was completely on Tovilis and his next attack, he didn’t have the mood or energy to pay attention to Blue Snow.

At the same time, Blue Maple summoned a red crystal into the hand holding Blue Snow. He was not doing that to restore his HP. He had used a normal health Potion while he was fighting Tovilis earlier. He was just trying to avoid suffering too much damage.

Tovilis suddenly raised his demonic dagger before slashing it ferociously at Blue Maple. He looked like he was completely insane by now. This was a joke. He was a Rank 60 Demon Boss, but his HP was only 8% of its original in less than half an hour after being battered by Blue Maple. It was already a feat that he didn’t immediately unleash his Skill.

Boom! Boom! Boom!...

In an instant, the ground in front of Tovilis blew apart, forming a huge crater suddenly. The terrifying force completely destroyed the ground. Debris was scattered high into the air and even struck the roof of the cave.

Countless irregularly-shaped rocks were flying everywhere. Blue Maple was very experienced with many situations, but the impact this time was on an entirely different level. It was unimaginable.

Blue Maple jumped with his hand around Blue Snow just as they were about to be hit. Blue Snow was still very confused right now. She was completely out of rhythm and didn’t follow his jumping action.

“Damn it!” Blue Maple didn’t leap as high as he thought he would because Blue Snow didn’t coordinate with him. He had no choice to erect a defense quickly.

Heavenly Fire, gather!

“Fierce!” A huge amount of blue fire instantly rushed out from Blue Maple’s body without hurting Blue Snow. A thick shield formed around both of them. Though it was technically a shield, it resembled a huge door...

This drained more than thirty percent of Blue Maple’s Heavenly Fire. He would need at least half an hour to restore this amount of power. Although it was a waste, he had no choice. He could either do it or die!

Boom! A shockwave struck Blue Maple’s door. The door cracked, but the tremendous boom against it drowned out the cracking sounds. Even though the door cracked, it still managed to block the devastating effects of the Earth-Rending Chop. Both Blue Maple and Blue Snow were still flung against the roof of the cave.

The roof of the cave was more than ten meters high, but the impact still managed to fling them all the way to the top!

Bang! “Ah!”

-689, -512!

Even the roof cracked. Blue Snow suffered some damage, but Blue Maple didn’t. His hidden attributes were superior to Blue Snow, though his defense wasn’t significantly stronger than hers… most of his superiority was in terms of his attack power and speed.

Blue Snow screamed in pain as she banged against the roof, while Blue Maple groaned in his heart. He immediately formed a platform using his Airborne Somersault. This wasn’t to shift his position, but to ensure that they had a landing spot.

There was almost nothing beneath them to cushion their fall, only large pieces of rocks and some jagged stones. The sharp edges were utterly terrifying. Blue Maple had managed to accumulate two uses of his Airborne Somersault during the fight. It took about ten seconds each, which was rather quick.

Blue Maple glanced at Blue Snow when both of them safely landed on the platform. She was curious as she observed the platform beneath her, and failed to notice Blue Maple looking at her.

“Eh? Isn’t this Little Gangster’s position-shifting Skill? So we can even drift in space! This is so fun.” Blue Snow was no longer embarrassed after being hurt, now absorbed with Blue Maple’s Skill.

After glancing at Blue Snow, Blue Maple immediately turned to look at Tovilis. It felt like both parties had switched positions. One party was on the ground, while the other was in the air. However, Blue Maple and Blue Snow didn’t remain passive in the air. Instead, they clashed with Tovilis once again.

“Stay here. You can leap if you point your toes down.” Blue Maple muttered some instructions to Blue Snow as he stared at Tovilis. He then jumped off from the platform and descended lightly.

He knew that Tovilis was going to jump up if he didn’t go down, so he took the initiative. There were only ice-cold rocks and stones beneath him. The sharp edges of those rocks and stones were dangerous. Just as he was about to land, a blue platform was formed diagonally beneath him.

Airborne Somersault!

He immediately halted his falling momentum, turning it into a charge towards Tovilis with his body parallel to the ground! Blue Snow was a little stunned as she watched Blue Maple’s back.

Tovilis realized that his terrifying attack had failed to cause any lethal damage to his enemy. On the contrary, his opponent was charging towards him arrogantly now. As he recalled how he was kicked into the air and played by Blue Maple, he couldn’t help but feel enraged once more. He raised his dagger and charged towards Blue Maple too.

“Furious Slash!”

Tovilis shouted his Skill out to boost his momentum as well as to vent his anger. However, Blue Maple was as determined as ever. Blue Snow was anxious as she clenched her little fists. Tovilis revealed a tragic yet self-mocking smile on his face when he saw Blue Maple in that state.

However, this smile quickly vanished. This was because Blue Maple suddenly disappeared in front of his eyes.

Hidden Attack!

As a Hidden Class Swordsman, Blue Maple didn’t possess as many direct Skills as Blue Snow, who was an ordinary Agile Swordsman. However, he had many flexible and adaptive Skills. Those from ordinary Classes couldn’t possibly compare to him in this aspect.

Tovilis wanted to turn some of the attention to his flank. Blue Maple’s Instant Chain Strike and Lightning Chain Strike had left a deep impression in his mind. Every time Blue Maple used those Skills, he would manage to precisely slash Tovilis in the throat. Tovilis was already a little afraid, and even felt chills along his throat.

However, it proved to be a terrible decision. Although Blue Maple was currently in a temporary, concealed state, he would certainly be detected once he touched the ground and shifted direction.

He remained parallel to the ground as he glided through the air towards Tovilis. Even when he was about to touch the ground, he twisted his legs and prevented contact to avoid detection.

Everything was already too late when he revealed himself. Even though Tovilis’ dagger was in front of him, he couldn’t block Blue Maple’s attack. The target was still his throat!

Tovilis appeared to be completely defenseless in front of Blue Maple. He was attacked repeatedly!


The damage inflicted after Blue Maple’s Hidden Attack was boosted by 60%. A 60% stronger attack on a vulnerable spot was certainly a scene to marvel at.

It was a pity that the Dual Sword Passive Skill couldn’t be activated with Hidden Attack and allow a second use of Hidden Attack, but it wasn’t just the Hidden Attack. The same situation applied to Airborne Somersault. One didn’t involve any sword attack, while the other didn’t rely on a sword to be activated. This also meant that the initial movement of those Skills didn’t involve any attacking, and so the Passive Skill couldn’t possibly be invoked and catalyze the second use of those Skills.

Blue Maple realized that he couldn’t use his Airborne Somersault a successive time when he switched hands, and also realized that he couldn’t activate his Dual Sword Passive Skill for his Hidden Attack.

After he successfully slashed Tovilis’ throat, Blue Maple didn’t stop. Rather, he rushed behind Tovilis and slashed him once more.

His attack speed was already 1.8 now. This meant that he could unleash 1.8 attacks on average in a second. That was almost two slashes per second. After he was unsealed, it wasn’t just his attacking strength that had soared. At the same time, his speed rose exponentially too!


The boost from his aerial attack and Hidden Attack had diminished by now. But was that really an issue? He could still inflict incredible damage. A player restored their normal mobility after the first Class Advancement. However, not every player’s speed could revert to normal when it came to attacking!

One could might raise their hands to block an attack, but only manage to attack at a speed of 1. A player couldn't attack for a second time in a second without using a Skill.

In reality, how could Blue Maple’s sword-wielding speed be so slow? As he slowly regained his normal state, he would become an absolutely terrifying presence, even without using any Skills, just because his fighting technique was completely incredible!

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