Chapter 86: Terrifying Mid-Air Attacks

Tovilis was kicked more than three meters into the air. He didn’t possess a Skill like Blue Maple’s Airborne Somersault, which would allow him to shift his position. He was extremely vulnerable in the air right now!

Blue Snow, who was watching earlier, had also arrived by now. Both of them attacked Tovilis at the same time. Their coordination and chemistry were still as good as ever. It was just that Blue Snow used a Skill, but Blue Maple didn’t.

Blue Maple had very few close-range attacking skills. He mainly possessed Skills that were more agile in nature.




“...” Blue Snow.

Blue Snow’s attack was uncharacteristically low. She couldn’t help it, either. She was completely out-ranked by Tovilis, whose attributes were even stronger after he was demonized. She wasn’t in a Hidden Class like Blue Maple, either, whose attributes were also strengthened after one of the Seals were removed. Furthermore, her attack strength was already pretty low. She didn’t get much stronger even after Blue Maple strengthened her sword.

Blue Snow didn’t continue attacking after she completed her attack, while Blue Maple charged forward after he finished attacking. This time, Blue Maple didn’t go straight for Tovilis. Instead, he leaped forward before bouncing back after performing his Airborne Somersault in the air once.

The main thing was that altitude affected strength. If he jumped too high, he would lose strength. At the same time, he quickly changed his direction and made it difficult for Tovilis to guard against his attack.



Fresh blood splattered. Blue Maple swept past Tovilis and bolted straight for the wall behind. He immediately turned around after he hit the wall, propelling himself with as much strength as he could with his legs. Again, he charged straight towards Tovilis.

“Little Gangster, you’re the most annoying!” Blue Snow stomped the ground. She shouted at Blue Maple, who had just bounced himself off the wall. Blue Snow felt a little indignant as she thought of her weak attack after seeing Blue Maple’s terrifying damage. She was completely embarrassed when the two damages were compared to each other, although Blue Maple wasn’t bothered at all.

Anyway, Blue Snow was extremely unhappy right now, which was why she expressed her displeasure.

What’s wrong with this idiot? Did I rile her? Blue Maple was feeling a little bored, but he wasn’t idle.

This time, Tovilis tried to block Blue Maple’s attack with his dagger, but it was in vain. Blue Maple wouldn’t give him the chance to do so. He switched his sword from his right to left, then changed his angle as he attacked Tovilis. Blue Maple was ambidextrous, it was just that the system didn’t recognize it.


The attack was indeed weaker, but it wasn’t the end.

Blue Maple quickly followed it up with his Cold Light Slash. He accurately slashed Tovilis’ throat, and blood splattered everywhere. However, Blue Maple had already vanished from in front of Tovilis before his blood even touched him.

Instant Chain Strike!

He shifted to Tovilis’ side before accurately slashing his throat once again.

-4118! -3024!

The damage was extremely terrifying. Blue Maple’s Cold Light Slash was inflicted in midair on a vulnerable spot and strengthened using Fire Explosion. Even so, Blue Maple continued attacking. He switched his sword back to his right hand again.

It was the Instant Chain Strike, a second time!

This time, he moved to the other side and was below Tovilis. He didn’t want either of them to land on the ground as they fought.

He slashed his sword once again. Tovilis was defending himself on his other side, which meant that he couldn’t possibly block Blue Maple’s incoming attack. His throat was slashed once again. His neck was completely covered in black blood.

After that, Blue Maple unleashed another attack. It was his Cold Light Slash, a second time!

It was yet another precise throat slash, but things were a little different this time.

-3213! -8578!

Cold Light Slash critical hits!

The Cold Light Slash could be used repeatedly, and was also classed as an ordinary attack. It was natural that it could also spawn critical hits, it was just that most players only had a one percent probability of achieving that. It wasn’t easy to activate at all!

After that, Blue Maple gave a heavy kick to Tovilis into the air, expliting the momentum to land on the ground!


“ terrifying...” Blue Snow was horrified as she looked at Blue Maple. She suddenly recalled the video about Blue Maple fighting the Common Union in Japan.

If, if Little Gangster was unsealed then... Blue Snow was a little afraid as she thought to herself.

No one from the Common Union would have survived!

After Blue Maple was unsealed and with his Hidden Class, he could probably kill a fully-equipped Warrior with high endurance, toughness, and a strong defense with just a cleave, given that his attack could reach close to 2900 damage!

No wonder Little Gangster wanted to be sealed, and even sealed his right hand. If Little Gangster unleashes that beautiful blue fire again, will… he instant-kill Tovilis? Blue Maple started to overthink after she was done being afraid. However, for her to praise the fire as beautiful… her way of thinking was indeed different.

Indeed, it would be very unfair to the current players if Blue Maple wasn’t Sealed. However, there weren’t many who could complete several restricted quests in the Newbie Village, and there were even fewer people who could beat the Snow Wolf King at Level 29 and even kick him down a cliff.

Furthermore, ordinary people wouldn’t have been able to tolerate the intense pain from fusing the Heavenly Fire. As the saying went, ‘the one wearing the crown must bear the weight’!

After Blue Maple landed on the ground, he didn’t just stand there and do nothing. He quickly formed his Spatial Fiery Chop and used it on Tovilis. At the same time, he retracted the Heavenly Fire that he attached to Blue Snow’s sword. He wanted to conserve the strength of his fire, and Blue Snow didn’t really need it. After all, her attacks were pretty much useless.

Ding! Announcement: The mysterious fire that was attached to your weapon has been retracted. The attribute gains have been removed.

“Hmph, the Little Gangster is looking down on me!” Blue Snow complained indignantly. When she saw him retracting his Heavenly Fire, she immediately knew what he was thinking.

He can’t waste any more strength. I wonder what his last Skill is. Furthermore, I’ll need a lot of Heavenly Fire to shield against the attack if this fellow uses his Earth-Rending Chop, Blue Maple thought to himself, not bothered about Blue Snow at all.

Although the Heavenly Fire was retracted, there was still a small but thick ball of Heavenly Fire at the sword handle that wasn’t gone yet.


The Spatial Fiery Chop blew apart on Tovilis’ body. Blue Maple leapt up once again. The cave was rather high, so he didn’t need to worry about hitting the roof.

Tovilis was struggling in the air and trying to break free. Blue Maple was getting closer and closer, and slashed with his ice-cold sword again.


Although the attack wasn’t blocked, it didn’t hit a vulnerable spot, either. In addition, Blue Maple had jumped too high, which meant he lost some strength.

Blue Maple didn’t land again. He knew that Tovilis would quickly find a way to block his attack if he did so and exploit the momentum to break free. As Blue Maple was about to finish using his Skills, Tovilis would have his greatest opportunity when Blue Maple was unable to move quickly while in the air.

So Blue Maple used his Airborne Somersault once again before unleashing another attack.

He changed his direction in the air and stopped his fall. After that, he slashed at Tovilis. This time, Tovilis was prepared. He was ready to deal with Blue Maple’s weird skills and agility.

However, being prepared didn’t mean that he could defend against Blue Maple’s attack. He only managed to successfully prevent Blue Maple from hitting his vulnerable spot.



Blue Maple left another wound on Tovilis’ waist. At this moment, Tovilis was completely covered in his own blood. On the other hand, Blue Maple was spotless!

“Little Gangster is a freak.” Blue Snow was astonished, and mumbled to herself as if she was being petty. She didn’t like that Blue Maple was looking down on her.

They were still in mid-air when that all happened. Blue Maple’s fighting technique was so impeccable that he managed to avoid being stained by Tovilis’ blood.

After his Airborne Somersault, Blue Maple struck once again. He didn’t plan on ending it just like that. He still had another agile, group-target Skill: his Lightning Chain Strike, a Skill which drained a lot of mana.

He bolted past Tovilis like lightning and used it in a single-target situation. It was just like Blue Snow’s Chain Strike. Blue Maple suspected that Old Man Fang had modified it to make it a stronger version of Chain Strike.

“Little Gangster knows the Chain Strike too? Why does it feel different? It feels like...his mana seems to be greatly drained. Weird...” Blue Snow noticed that his Chain Strike was different.


Blue Maple was above Tovilis and lifted his right hand high. He performed a 360 degree spin and was about to ferociously stab Tovilis below him.


-2889! -1245!

A huge depression was formed in the ground, cracks extending from it. Bits and pieces of granite flew into the air, and the dust that scattered into the air reduced visibility.

Blue Maple quickly switched his sword to his left hand in mid-air. He used his Spatial Fiery Chop a second time and ferociously unleashed it on Tovilis below him.



“Ahh!! I’m going to kill you!”

Kill me? Hehe!... Blue Maple mocked silently. Then, he crashed down towards Tovilis with his knees down. He grabbed his sword with both hands and pointed the tip down at Tovilils, who had yet to crawl up.


Blue Maple’s knees crashed onto Tovilis’ stomach, and his sword stabbed into Tovilis’ throat. Tovilis couldn’t scream even if he wanted to.


Terrifying damage! The damage from both hits were considered one damage. Blue Maple wasn’t even hurt from the impact.

Blue Maple wasn’t greedy. He performed an elegant backflip and regained his distance from Tovilis. That was because Tovilis was about to unleash an even more ferocious attack next.

However, Blue Maple’s attacks had already caused 60,000+ damage altogether. Even if Tovilis’ had more than 800,000 HP, it had been greatly reduced now. In a short space of time, he couldn’t recover much of his HP, either. Everything had happened in just half a minute.

“Kill you… kill you… I’m going to… kill you!” Tovilis stuttered as he stood up. One could sense the strong killing intent in his blood-red eyes, even though they were covered by dust. They were petrifying!

Blue Maple immediately charged in front of Blue Snow when he saw Tovilis like that. He grabbed her by the waist and lifted her up. This was the prelude to the Samurai Warlord’s greatest skill, the Earth-Rending Chop!

Given that they were in such a narrow space, Blue Snow was basically doomed if Blue Maple didn’t protect her.

However, Blue Snow’s expression immediately changed as she was hugged by Blue Maple in that manner. She turned completely red, but Blue Maple certainly didn’t take that into consideration.

“Eh? Little” Blue Snow was at a loss of what to do after she was hugged. Her entire face was red as a tomato.

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