Chapter 85: Meaningless Fights

This was unprecedented strength for Blue Maple. He was gifted with incredibly high attack strength and instantly had an urge to kill Tovilis.

His body was bursting with strength. This wasn’t even all of it yet; Blue Maple could still subtly sense the remaining Seals in his body. It was an intoxicating feeling, leaving one completely immersed and unable to break free from it. It even tempted him to break his Seals so that he could finally enjoy boundless strength.

However, it was a pity that the person in question was Blue Maple…

“Boundless strength…” Blue Maple muttered to himself, a flash of sorrow crossing his face. That flash of sorrow was noticed by the sharp Blue Snow. Although she was sometimes very slow in her reactions, it didn’t mean that she was dumb. She was just not very adept at interacting with some people.

Is that sorrow again? What kind of person is Little Gangster? She thought in confusion after noticing the expression on Blue Maple’s face.

In fact, she was very intelligent. When she cleared her mind of all distractions, she was a very keen person. Her reactions were also very quick. Just from her ability to keep up with Blue Maple’s rhythm in fights, one could tell that her reflexes were actually very quick. Keeping in tandem with Blue Maple was impossible unless one’s reflexes were extremely fast. Even when Blue Maple didn’t do his best, his speed was still beyond that of ordinary people.

Blue Maple retracted the Heavenly Fire that had engulfed his entire body, and his rising aura also stopped. He wasn’t affected by the temptation of immense strength to remove the remaining seals. Was strength that important to him? The entire gaming world was not important to him. How could possessing power and strength in the gaming world possibly tempt him?

The system originally gave Blue Maple three opportunities to break his seals, but he didn’t care at all. It was almost impossible for Blue Maple to just turn around and leave, given the current situation. Such a meaningless fight didn’t pique his interest at all.

He was only still standing here because of a few minor reasons. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have wasted his time here. He could have fled earlier. Among those few reasons, at least one had to do with Blue Snow.

“Hey, idiot, watch out for yourself later. Just don’t burden me,” Blue Maple said, glancing at Blue Snow when he saw that Tovilis was unable to muster enough willpower to stop his demonization. At the same time, he transferred a flicker of Heavenly Fire to her, slightly more than the Heavenly Fire earlier.

“Little Gangster, you are the most annoying. Why are you mocking me like again? Since when have I burdened you? Eh? This is…” Blue Snow shrugged and clenched her face to express her disagreement. At the same time, she stomped the ground.

Ding! Announcement: Your weapon has been temporarily strengthened by Blue Maple’s mysterious fire. Its attacking strength has risen by 15% and its attack speed has been boosted by 10%. It also possesses the attribute of Fire Explosion: when you attack, you have a higher probability of hurting your target with an instant Fire Explosion. This will only last until Blue Maple retracts his fire.

“Wa! Little Gangster, your buff is even stronger now. This is impressive!” Blue Snow was excited when she discovered what Blue Maple had done and realized that his fire was stronger after his Seal was broken.

Blue Maple didn’t respond to her. He was prepared to fight. This time, Heavenly Fire surged from his right hand, forming a sword. Although he was practically ambidextrous, the system still considered his left hand to be weaker. Furthermore, his unsealed right hand seemed to possess some kind of explosive strength, too!

His Heavenly Fire continued to surge out from his right hand and formed the sword that was previously in his left hand.

“Little Gangster is indeed not left-handed...” Blue Snow mumbled at the side. This was only because Blue Maple was comfortable being here, had his Seal broken, and had used his left hand. Blue Snow was aware that he had used his right hand, and so naturally guessed that his abilities weren’t what they seemed to be.

However, she would never have guessed that he still had two Seals on him. When Blue Maple was completely unsealed, he would be equipped with dual swords. He was a complete bug in the game, and his attack strength could most certainly hit 4000. However, his HP wouldn’t change much.

He was just like a piece of paper compared to what his maximum attacking strength could be. Of course, that was only because his attack strength was simply too great. This was why the system required the powerful Blue Maple be Sealed right now. In fact, he was originally supposed to have only two Seals, but the Nine Heavens Mysterious Ice complicated matters.

“Ahhhhh!!!” Tovilis was on the verge of losing his willpower.

The demonized Tovilis was unable to find himself anymore. What was left was only a violent killing machine. His blood-red eyes were fixed on Blue Maple. He could clearly sense who posed the greatest threat to him over here. Or rather, the demonized Tovilis did possess some kind of consciousness, but it just didn’t belong to him anymore...


The demonized Tovilis was dragging its feet while grasping a demonized pitch-black dagger as he proceeded towards Blue Maple. His blood-red eyes were completely locked on Blue Maple. The killer's look in his eyes and violent behavior revealed his intention: kill the person in front of him!

Blue Maple’s response was also very simple. He covered his sword in Heavenly Fire and was ready to wreak as much havoc as possible in the next five minutes!


Tovilis picked up speed and charged towards Blue Maple! Whereas Blue Maple also rushed forward at the same time. He didn’t resort to his modus operandi, but chose to go head-to-head with Tovilis!


Chi chi chi...

Two weapons clashed ferociously. Sparks exploded in the air as the two forces collided.

Blue Maple managed to stop a Rank 60 Demon Boss when he was just Level 39!

Blue Snow covered her ears in discomfort as she heard the piercing grinding echoing in the air as the two weapons ground against each other. Both Blue Maple and Tovilis were in a stalemate. Apart from staggering a few steps due to the charge of Tovilis, he didn’t retreat any further.

It wasn’t because Blue Maple was superior to Tovilis in terms of strength. It was because the momentum from his attack strength managed to cancel out the strength of Tovilis’ attack. Blue Maple’s strength didn’t increase from being unsealed. His current attack strength was actually higher than the demonized Tovilis’!

His Hidden Class managed to offset the inferiority in terms of rank, while his boosted attributes offset the additional strength that came from demonization.

“Kill!” The stalemate was broken by Tovilis, who unleashed a furious roar. The roar carried a Skill with it.

Warcry! It was a weakened version that was used in a rush, therefore the damage done wasn’t very high.


Blue Maple’s defense was still pretty weak. Even if the Warcry was a rushed, weakened version, it was still able to cause significant damage to him.

Uh, it’s been a long time since I was hurt first. You are really… annoying!, Blue Maple thought to himself. A tinge of fury appeared on his indifferent face.

Airborne Somersault!

Blue Maple immediately used his Airborne Somersault and quickly charged over. He slashed Tovilis, who was ready to block his attack as he lifted his dagger. However, Blue Maple suddenly switched the trajectory of his attack! As if it was a coincidence, his sword grazed past Tovilis’ dagger before slashing his throat!

Tovilis still wanted to dodge the attack, but he couldn’t do so. Blue Maple fully revealed the extent of his fighting ability at this moment. He was not using his skills to inflict terrifying damage.


It was the effect of attacking a vulnerable point coupled with Blue Maple’s strengthened Fire Explosion! Tovilis’ defense wasn’t considered very strong in the face of Blue Maple, either!

Even so, this wasn’t Blue Maple’s everything yet. This was because he was purely venting right now. Blue Maple probably wouldn’t use his full strength in this gaming world.

Why wasn’t Blue Maple going to use his true ability? This was because in this gaming world… there wasn’t a meaningful fight...

“Little Gangster is really impressive, but why do I feel… like if he’s being a little weird? What’s weird?” One had to admit that the watching Blue Snow was keen-eyed. It was just that Blue Maple hid his thoughts very deeply. Unless he took the initiative to express them, there was probably no one who could see through him.

“Forget it, I have to help him now. Hehe, this is Rank 60 Demon Boss. I can flaunt in front of Jing in the future. Oh, I shall not tell bro. He’ll misunderstand.” Blue Snow was raring to go. Her hands were getting itchy from watching. However, wasn’t she afraid of the so-called ‘Jing’ misunderstanding something?

After Tovilis was struck by Blue Maple, he wanted to retaliate, but couldn’t because Blue Maple was simply too quick, elusive, and smart in his defense. He struck the air instead of Blue Maple. More importantly, Blue Maple could even avoid Tovilis’ Total Annihilation without using any skills!

Total Annihilation!

When the demonized Tovilis used this skill and his dagger was about to hit Blue Maple, Blue Maple squatted down before ferociously kicking his leg!

The menacing attack that Tovilis was unleashing meant his lower body was bound to be very unstable, or at least it would be weakened. At this moment, giving him a kick on the lower half of his body was surely going to be very effective.



Tovilis was hit in his foot. The damage wasn’t very high, but he was successfully tripped to the ground. That was just the start!

Just as Tovilis crashed to the ground, Blue Maple suddenly changed his movement. He relied on his inertia to spin around , supporting himself with both hands on the ground. After that, he performed another kick, moving upward. He wanted Tovilis to be completely off the ground!


Tovilis hurriedly tried to block Blue Maple’s kick, but the damage was no longer important. Blue Maple just wanted Tovilis completely off the ground. He was going to erupt next!

He was still very bothered that he was the first one hurt in this fight. The only way for his anger to subside was if he gave his opponent a good beating!

And that time was now!

Sweeping Sword Slash!

This was Blue Maple’s most impulsive skill. As Blue Maple used it from bottom-up, Tovilis was completely thrown into the air!

-2889, -1851, -1194, -456!

In his defenseless state, any damage done would be amplified. If being kicked to the ground was the start of the attack, then this was the beginning of Blue Maple’s eruption!

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