Chapter 84: Seal Removed

Blue Snow’s tears flowed soundlessly, and her eyes were pitifully red. She covered her little mouth with one hand as she tried her best to control her tears and not let them flow out. Blue Snow needed so much consolation, perhaps a shoulder, or an embrace, but…

Blue Maple was just standing there, emotionless! Yes, there wasn’t a single ounce of emotion, and he was as cold as ever…

People who cried easily and those who didn’t cry easily became a very stark contrast in this moment.

Tovilis’ emotions gradually got better as he continued narrating his story.

“I think you can guess what happened in the end. Louisa died from her illness all alone, but how could she protect this jade mirror when she was dead? The jade mirror eventually ended up in that wealthy merchant’s house,” said Tovilis, pain in his heart.

“And I couldn’t return because it was the final battle to repel the Demon race. My heart was dead and I wanted to die, so I charged into the demons and slaughtered them without a care for my life. Finally… I fainted on the battlefield, exhausted, but I didn’t die and realized when I woke up that the demons had taken me prisoner.

“However, I eventually escaped when they weren’t paying attention. But what good would that do? I escaped their clutches, but I was still in their territory. I had recovered by then, and I wanted to come back and visit Louisa’s grave. However, demons were guarding their borders, and humans would probably think I was a spy and capture me even if I managed to escape. I was eventually trapped for a hundred years…” Tovilis’ eyes were filled with despondency.

What a strange arrangement. One hundred years. What did spend those one hundred years doing, and what did you eat?, were Blue Maple’s thoughts… However, his expression didn’t change at all. The two of them, his cold face contrasting Blue Snow beside him, her eyes still red and swelling, lost the chemistry they had when they were fighting.

“The reason I managed to escape was because there was a tremendous change in heaven and earth more than a month ago, like something was about to happen. I escaped, but demons guarding the borders still hurt me, and their demonic qi tainted my body. I do not have much longer to live.”

The game changed the world to prepare for the players who were coming in...

“So what if I’m back? I can’t even find Louisa’s grave!” Tovilis slammed the ground furiously, as stones and rocks flew in all directions.

“But I could feel this jade mirror’s aura, so I took it back. I have been here for the past month watching this jade mirror quietly. I forgot about the demonization, and I can’t control it anymore. Furthermore, I can’t commit suicide anymore. You know this...

“Therefore, I started to gradually dissipate my abilities and my strength so that the demonized form of myself is a little weaker, so that I can be more easily killed.” Tovilis had found a solution that wasn’t really a solution.

The Samurai Warlord would trigger the demonization process if it attacked him. That’s not any better than waiting for him to reduce his own strength. But he can’t control that anymore, and this idiot accepted this quest. This quest’s difficulty seems a little unreal…, Blue Maple thought to himself, frowning.

“Alright, the story’s over. Unfortunately…” Tovilis’ demonic aura had already thickened to a terrifying level; it seemed like he couldn’t control it anymore and was about to demonize completely!

“Unfortunately, what?” Blue Maple asked.

Here comes the reason why this quest is so difficult! Blue Maple was very interested why this quest was so extraordinarily difficult.

“It’s a pity that neither of you are Warriors. Two months ago, I found some ancient ruins at a hidden spot in the demons’ territory, and received training from a formidable Warrior. I don’t have the chance to cultivate myself anymore, but you guys will gain the same power if you kill me in my demonized form. This power will not be damaged because of my self-destruction.” Tovilis sounded a little regretful.

“I was wondering why the quest said a participating Warrior was best.” Blue Snow had recovered control of her emotions, and had her head lowered as she muttered under her breath. That was why Blue Snow was looking for Subtle Nobleman when she was looking for people to help, because he was a Warrior.

Blue Maple’s face was a little black, because this wasn’t a treasure hunt. This was a quest for a Hidden Class, and it appeared like a very powerful Hidden Class for a Warrior.

What about the treasure hunt? Blue Maple wasn’t in a very good mood.

“And I, whether or not I wish that power to be passed down or for other reasons, hope that you two will kill me!” Tovilis’s expression suddenly turned sinister as his hair and skin began turning dark and black.

Spikes started appearing from his elbows, knees, his spine, and other joints, one after another. Tovilis’ eyes turned red, and were filled with cruelty, bloodlust, and ruthlessness! Fortunately, evil wings from Blue Maple’s imagination didn’t appear. Perhaps that was because Tovilis’ level wasn’t high enough.

“I can’t control it anymore! Ah, ah, ah!”

Tovilis had completely demonized!

Tovilis’ entire body turned black, while thick red blood vessels covered his body. His eyes had lost their reason, and he had completely transformed into a demonic lackey.


[Demonized Tovilis] (Rank 60 Demon Boss)

Attack: 1678-2055

Defense: 895-1052

Magic Defense: 548-764

HP: 800,000

Skills: Furious Slash, Total Annihilation, Charge, Warcry, Earth-rending Chop, Imperious Fighting Spirit (Simplified).

Introduction: Miserable life, tragic ending. A pity that a hero who resisted the Demon race, who had loved his lover with all his heart, ended up like this. The only thing that he looks forward to is his liberation. (Be careful. Your party probably can’t deal with this Boss in your current state.)

Little gangster must be hiding something. The introduction also reminded us at the end, Blue Snow thought to herself.

Blue Maple saw his attributes when the pressure suddenly arrived!

Ding! Announcement: You have been suppressed by the demonized Boss, and all your attributes have dropped by 30%!

How can that be… Blue Snow was shocked. Her attributes were decreased by such a tremendous amount; they probably still couldn’t beat this Boss, even if there was another Warrior here!

Ding! Game Announcement: Are you going to remove your Seal? Otherwise, you will be unable to resist this suppression, and all your attributes will be lowered by 25%!

Blue Maple’s situation was a little better. Even though he had been Sealed, his Hidden Class gave him a lot of additional innate points, and his attributes were still better than Blue Snow’s. Blue Maple had fused a Set of Silver-tier armor to his body, even though his Set’s attributes all boosted his Strength and attack…

Tovilis had completely demonized, but he was still in a very blurry state, as he had just completed his mutation, and wouldn’t attack yet.

Seems like I can’t do this without removing my Seal. My attributes have been suppressed too much, Blue Maple frowned as he thought to himself.

Another system notification arrived at this moment!

Ding! Announcement: Tovilis’ final willpower has managed to negate all the suppression over the players, and all pressure has disappeared!

Blue Snow felt the pressure disappear as she patted her chest and muttered fearfully, “Whew, that’s fantastic! I thought the little gangster’s Hidden Class quest was already perverted. That’s better!”

What a joke. This Boss already had so many more attribute points than most players, and was still suppressing their attributes. This wasn’t a quest for someone to obtain a Hidden Class. This was a quest for someone to commit suicide!

If a Warrior was in Blue Maple’s position and fought one-versus-one, and if he had sufficient skills and fighting techniques like Blue Maple did, and if he had enough health potions, he could probably do what Blue Maple had done… but Blue Maple didn’t take a single point of damage when he faced that group of players. Not taking damage was only one of the conditions for completion!

This quest was meant for three players. A Warrior, a Priest, and a Wizard would be a great combination. If the Warrior was strong enough, he could hold back the Boss, while the Priest would help with regeneration, and the Wizard would launch attacks at range. An Archer could also do the trick, and they would definitely have a chance.

The prerequisite was that this Warrior had to be strong enough… What was considered strong enough? Without talking about Blue Maple’s standard, the Warrior had to be as strong as Crippled Feather, the king of the killers!

This was a demonized Boss, after all, a Rank 60 Boss who had completed his second Class Advancement. The player with the highest level was only Level 40, while Blue Maple was only Level 39. He was slow at levelling up because of his laziness…

Blue Maple glanced at the demonized Tovilis, who was about to awaken, as he said to Blue Snow, “Hey, idiot. Stay away from me.”

“Oh, okay.” Blue Snow obediently retreated to one side, but realized something shortly afterwards. “Eh? Little gangster, what did you just call me? I’m not an idiot!” Blue Snow was exceptionally slow when reacting to such things, even though her responses were extremely quick in battle.

Blue Maple ignored Blue Snow; now wasn’t the time to bicker. Tovilis still hadn’t unleashed his onslaught in his demonized form, probably the result of Tovilis’ willpower suppressing himself. However, Blue Maple wasn’t silly enough to take the chance to attack, because doing so would cause the demonized Tovilis to go crazy.

So, I should have no problem if I remove my Seal now. This fellow is probably giving us our last opportunity to escape, Blue Maple thought to himself as he watched the demonized Tovilis, who was still in a dazed state.

Blue Heavenly Fire suddenly roared from Blue Maple’s body as inexplicable sounds of chains breaking could be heard.

A chain suddenly appeared around Blue Maple’s body, while a blue shadow identical to Blue Maple’s figure bound by dark blue chains appeared. The shadow’s right hand was immobilized, a Seal carved onto the lock. One could tell upon closer inspection that the chain was forged with Heavenly Fire even stronger than before, while every lock in the chain kink in the chain had mysterious glyphs securing the lock.

Blue Snow remained rooted to the ground as her beautiful eyes opened wide. Her eyes were filled with surprise as she covered her open mouth with her hands.

Little gangster still has a Seal on him! Blue Snow was tremendously shocked.

Ding! Announcement: Please choose the layer that you wish to remove. The system’s advice is for you not to remove the third layer, because you will be in trouble. The Seal will be removed for a maximum of thirty minutes. If you remove the first Seal, you can quickly remove the next two sSeals within thirty minutes. The Seal on your right hand has no time limit, and you can put the Seal back whenever you want. The system advises you not to keep the Seal open for too long.

There’s no wonder this wastes so much time; the system’s notification is so long. I’ll just remove the first Seal on my original Class’ attribute bonus, Blue Maple thought to himself plainly, while the system confirmed Blue Maple’s thoughts.

“Remove the Seal!” Blue Maple muttered, very curious about what he would be like after removing this Seal.


A powerful force emerged from Blue Maple’s body, like a wild monster mutating. However, Blue Maple’s aura was a little weaker, while this wave felt like a scorching heatwave.

The chains made from Heavenly Fire completely disappeared into the nether. However, Blue Maple could feel there were still invisible chains tied around him, and he had only just noticed them. The chains of Heavenly Fire on his right disappeared into the nether as the Seal on his arm shattered. A powerful force emerged from Blue Maple’s body and started rising as blue Heavenly Fire began to shake and tremble inside his body.

“Oh… oh…” Tovilis still appeared to be struggling. His demonized form wanted to stop Blue Maple from removing his Seal, but Tovilis’ final willpower was stopping him.

Unfortunately, Tovilis couldn’t stop him even if he wanted to, because the removal had been completed!

Blue Maple was engulfed with Heavenly Fire as pillars of fire roared into the sky!


[Blue Maple] (Rank 39 Sword Hermit)

Attack: 2457-2896 (+50%, +50%) Luck: 1

Defense: 357-495 Prestige: 1530

Magic Defense: 152-198 Glory: 0

Strength: 790 Evil: 0

Agility: 227 Survival: 50

Endurance: 89 Hunger Level: 78%

Magic: 41

Toughness: 71

HP: 2,168

MP: 504

State: The Seal on your Class’ bonus has been removed. Your overall attack value has been boosted by 50%, while all equipment that has not been infused will increase your movement speed by 30%. These effects will last for thirty minutes. The instant that your Seal was removed has explosively increased your attack value by another 50%, while your movement speed has explosively increased by 30%. These effects will last for five minutes!


Blue Maple was bathing in Heavenly Fire; his attributes were terrifyingly powerful!

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