Chapter 81: Kill

“It doesn’t seem like we can outrun them,” Blue Snow mentioned weakly. When she saw all the blood-red eyes staring at her from inside the pitch-black cave, it was already a feat not to immediately hide behind Blue Maple. However, she did behave like she did when she was frightened by his stories about spirits.

“Step back first,” Blue Maple told her. He sent her the Spirit Wolves status. Following that, he engulfed himself with a layer of Heavenly Fire.

He summoned his Heavenly Fire to illuminate the cave. He had developed night vision because of his Heavenly Fire, but Blue Snow didn’t have such an ability.

The wolves seem to be afraid of fire. It seems the Red Wolves weren’t afraid of my Heavenly Fire because they had low-tier fire attributes. Wolves are… no, it should be that wild beasts are afraid of fire to some extent, what more the Heavenly Fire, Blue Maple calmly analyzed.

In the 23rd century, even humans barely had enough space to survive. There weren’t many wild animals remaining. The remaining ones were all in zoos or research labs for preservation purposes. There wasn’t no progress in the understanding of wild animals.

Blue Maple had only realized wolves were afraid of fire because he read books. This was no longer common knowledge. Wild wolves barely even existed in a world that only knew chaos. What was the point of having common knowledge about wolves?

The Spirit Wolves started to retreat in fear when they saw Blue Maple completely engulfed in fire.

“Wa, so wolves really are afraid of fire? Little Gangster, quickly cover me with your blue fire too. Let’s go in and give them a good killing! Oh… girls should be more restrained. I shall just give them two hacks.” Blue Snow was originally very tempted, but she realized that she wasn’t acting very civilized. She immediately reverted to her mannerly self.

Blue Maple only glanced at her and didn’t say anything.

“Little Gangster, why are you looking at me like that? Am I that kind of violent girl?” Blue Snow glared at Blue Maple when he looked at her but didn’t speak.

“Who killed the wolves on the way here?” Blue Maple interrupted her.

“Uh… about that, I’m only doing this for the XP. Do you really think everyone is as sick as you? Your level rose so quickly!”

There were quite a few ordinary wolves that had appeared on the way to the peak of the Wolf King Mountain. Blue Snow was basically the one who killed them. Blue Maple had no intention of doing anything, while Blue Snow’s game technique was very good. Killing those wolves didn’t use up too much energy. She managed to collect many gold coins and items along the way.

“Alright, let’s settle this in front of us first.” Blue Maple started to regret doing this quest with Blue Snow after seeing her touching her forehead helplessly.

“Hmm, okay. But how do we kill these wolves? We’ll definitely be torn apart by them!” Blue Snow was hesitant when she saw those blood-red eyes in front of her.

“Just charge towards them!” Blue Maple answered without hesitation as he looked at the pack of wolves.

“Eh?” Blue Snow wasn’t able to react in time.

“Go!” Blue Maple immediately charged over after he finished speaking.

“Hey, wait a minute!” Blue Snow couldn’t react before Blue Maple charged over. She couldn’t follow his rhythm at all.

This was a joke. A bunch of people from the Common Guild couldn’t stop him. How could a pack of wolves do so? It was such a narrow place. Although it wasn’t easy to hide, the wolves would also find it difficult to collectively attack.

Blue Maple charged towards the wolf pack like a bolt of blue lightning.

“Fierce!” As he charged into the wolf pack, he immediately flung a ball of Heavenly Fire in. It blew apart, and the wolf pack was torched in an instant.

“Ah ooo...”

The wolves all attempted to dodge the Heavenly Fire immediately. The entire scene became very chaotic. At the same time, the entire cave was illuminated by Blue Maple and the ball of Heavenly Fire that he threw out.

“Kill!” Blue Maple wounded wolf after wolf.


Blue Maple didn’t attach his Heavenly Fire to his sword, so the damage was on the lower side. The Heavenly Fire on his body only exuded an aura and light, it wasn’t burning. Blue Maple wanted to conserve the strength of his Heavenly Fire. Although he did manage to summon most of it back, it was still greatly draining. There were still stronger Bosses later on!

Blue Maple had no intention of letting it go next.

Blue Maple wove his way through the wolf pack. Wherever he went, wolf blood either splattered or wolves were being thrown onto the walls. His sword, legs, and elbows were his weapons. The Spirit Wolves couldn’t do anything to him. He blocked their attacks with his sword and knocked them away with his legs and elbows.

Wherever his sword went, blood sprayed. The confused wolf pack couldn’t cooperate to unleash an attack against him. That only allowed Blue Maple to attack them even more easily.

He moved forward! Stuck with his sword!

He moved forward again! Gave a hard kick!

He moved forward once more! Elbow strike!

The wolves’ Bite and Claw were completely useless. The wolves’ only way of increasing their own speed was their Spirit Wolf Step, but that only helped them in getting closer to Blue Maple. After that, they were thrown and taken down by him.


Bang! Bang!...

The wolves’ tragic screams never stopped. Wolf’s blood was constantly being splattered everywhere.

Yes, a nightmare involving a wolf pack with great attacking strength and defense and two players who were not even at Level 40 was happening in this narrow cave.

But… the nightmare didn’t start because of the wolf pack, but one of the players… Blue Maple!

Blue Maple’s original rage didn’t disappear. It was just temporarily concealed by Blue Maple’s other emotions. This wolf pack was Blue Maple’s best venting target.

However, Blue Snow wasn’t looking at a venting Blue Maple. Rather, she was looking at an unstoppable, suave war god!

His graceful movements, sharp sword, and the overwhelmed wolf pack accentuated Blue Maple’s charisma.

“Wa! Little Gangster, you are really impressive.” Blue Snow was astonished. Her beautiful eyes were filled with shock.

“Hmm… he seems a little handsome. Uh, just a little,” Blue Snow muttered to herself, but her face had already turned red.

Blue Maple charged all the way to the end of the wolf pack. The wolves behind him were either hurt or sprawled on the ground. They all looked extremely pathetic.

However, the Spirit Wolves that crawled up again, or the Spirit Wolves that were licking their wounds, were all glaring at Blue Maple. They were completely infuriated!

Their blood-red eyes wanted to devour Blue Maple. Their bared teeth were even more petrifying. Their low-pitched howls could almost infiltrate one’s heart and invoke their deepest fears!

They didn’t hesitate even as they faced their most-feared Heavenly Fire!

“Bloodlust?” Blue Maple said. After this, a smile appeared on his face. He said in a very relaxed manner, “So what? I can still kill them!”

Blue Maple swiftly charged into the wolf pack again!

Hidden Attack!

He suddenly disappeared in front of the wolf pack, and completely deflated them. This was exactly what he wanted to do: rock their confidence, even if it was just the slightest!

Blue Snow was still stunned. She had seen Blue Maple’s fight videos and knew that he had this sudden concealment Skill. However, Blue Snow had never personally seen him use it before.

When they killed the Samurai Warlord, Blue Maple only needed to attack without concealing himself because he had his Heavenly Fire. He didn’t use the Skill.

Chi! Blue Maple’s sword deeply stabbed into the neck of a wolf!


A big red number appeared above the wolf. It was critically hit! However, it was not dead yet. Even if its HP were low, it had still started with 3000. However, things would be different with another Skill.

Lightning Chain Strike!

Four targets were chosen, including this wolf. Another attack was unleashed.

-1158, -1111, -1143, -1160!

The wolf immediately crashed to the ground. It was slashed earlier by Blue Maple. Before the Spirit Wolf could even react, Blue Maple made spun on the ground while holding his sword. His sword cut the four Spirit Wolves around him!


-542, -521, -536, -567!

The wolf Blue Maple chose to strike was closely surrounded by many other wolves.

Blue Maple wasn’t selectively choosing spirit wolves to kill. He killed whatever wolves there were, and hurt those he couldn’t. It was best that he cripple the pack before he finished things off.

If he couldn’t kill off the entire pack in one shot, he would attempt it again! If he failed again, he continued to try!

“Ah ooo!”

Blue Maple’s actions immediately enraged the surrounding wolves. They leapt towards him after howling.

However, Blue Maple was fearless. He jumped up and performed a 360-degree turn and kick! No matter the numbers, the wolves that leaped towards him were kicked away! Some of them collided against the walls, while the others struck other wolves. After Blue Maple landed on the ground, he didn’t stop. He charged over to wherever the most wolves were!

“Wa wa wa! Little Gangster, you are really too impressive. I want to give it a shot too!” Blue Snow was starstruck as she watched Blue Maple running riot. Her adrenaline was also rushing, and she immediately forgot about all the blood-red eyes from earlier and the terror she felt when they were staring at her.

As a result, she was also raring to go just as all the wolves’ attention was drawn by Blue Maple. However, she didn’t immediately rush out. She knew that she was neither as strong nor as agile as Blue Maple. She waited for him to do more damage and draw more attention before she stepped in.

Blue Maple charged into the middle of the wolf pack and slashed another wolf. After that, he used his Airborne Somersault to avoid the attacks of two wolves. He shifted to one side and slashed a wolf beside him. He was not done yet. He accumulated a short 0.5 seconds of his Sweeping Slash and unleashed it on another wolf!

“It’s now!”


Blue Snow rushed out right then. She had already set her sights on a wolf glaring at Blue Maple’s back. She waited for him to get to the center and unleash a powerful strike before she made her move.

Blue Maple had long noticed Blue Snow’s actions and guessed her intentions, so he used his Sweeping Sword Slash to inflict more damage.

Indeed, Blue Snow made her move, stabbing the spine of a wolf. After she inflicted some damage, she also charged into the wolf pack just like Blue Maple had.

She was trying to cause as much damage as possible, just as Blue Maple did. She avoided the frantic wolves and attempted to rendezvous with Blue Maple amid the wolf pack before killing their way out!

“Little Gangster, let me help you!” Blue Snow didn’t forget to shout in excitement at Blue Maple as she charged in.

This was something that Blue Snow had always wanted to do: charge into a pack of wild monsters without thinking of the ramifications! However, she had never dared to do this on her own. There was also no one like Blue Maple who would be unbothered enough to let her do what she wanted.

“Be careful. Don’t be a liability,” Blue Maple responded unkindly… but it was weird that he warned her to be careful.

“You are the most annoying!” His words left her displeased.

However, his ‘be careful’ was already good enough.

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